You may have noticed that has changed a little bit over the past couple of hours. hooked me up with a great logo, so I just had to design the rest of the site around it. Overall, everything is coming together and there will still be a couple of tweaks in the future, but I was just sick and tired of seeing all of that white! It was time to bring some life and feeling into my blog and I think we accomplished just that. I am super stoked with the results.

“Laid Back Blogging for Serious Entrepreneurs”

Welcome to the new…where I am about laid back blogging for serious entrepreneurs. I know…you are thinking…what the hell does that mean? When I started looking at the direction I wanted this blog to take, I sat down for a long time pondering the facts of life. What makes us blog? Why do we start our own businesses? Why do we want to be self sufficient and live on our own terms? The answer was simple…we want to live happier lives.

The problem that I ran into – and I am sure many of you can relate – is that I transferred that seriousness in my entrepreneur life into the rest of my life! What does that equal?! Being serious all the time. We did not start blogging to turn our web venture into another job. We also did not start our blogs to be serious all the time. I believe there is a way to be a serious entrepreneur but have a blast doing it.

Quick story…my daily commute was a disaster. I got the pleasure of driving an hour, in traffic, both ways to work at Atlanta surrounded by hundreds of other fortunate individuals who were all doing the same. As I drove by these dozens of faces, do you know what every single one of them looked like? Mad…mad as hell at the world and they looked like that every day of every week. Now…I do not believe that most of these road warriors set out to be mad that day. I really believe they want to be happy, but – day in and day out – they continue the same routine pissed at the world and they can not figure out why.

As bloggers and entrepreneurs, we bring that same mentality into our projects. It is not our fault. It is how we have been conditioned to treat the activities that bring us income. I look back on some of my posts on my blogs and they read like a textbook. My bland, seriousness was bleeding into the activities that I started so that I could be doing something different…not just a variation of the same. So why was I making my blogging/entrepreneur life as boring as my other work life? It really does not make much sense, but until you take an objective look at things…you won’t even realize you are doing it!

Time To Lighten Up and Enjoy What We Are Doing

Laid back blogging is not unsuccessful blogging…it is actually quite the opposite. Readers are attracted to bloggers that actually enjoy what they are doing when that is seen in their writing. In our quest to make our one and only life enjoyable, we need to treat each and every day like it is our last. We need to take every minute and make the most of it being thankful for what we have and looking forward to experiences of the future. Bland and boring have to go in favor of exciting and new…do you really just want to read another boring blog about blogging and affiliate marketing? I don’t and I surely don’t want to write one…

Celebrate With A Discount!

In celebration of this new attitude and outlook on, you are going to see a new style of writing that really portrays what blogging is at its core…the absolute, best way to enjoy every minute of your life and make money at the same time. With this new attitude…I am giving a 50% discount on Ramped Reviews with coupon code “198” for the next 1,000 copies. I am also increasing the affiliate percentage to 50% to make marketing Ramped Reviews worth your time at the new lower price. I really want you to feel what it is like to get your favorite stuff in for free thanks to your blogging. Like today…when I was the first to take in a new bike that just hit the market thanks to my blog…that is a great feeling!!! And that is what blogging is really capable of!!

So here we go…into a new world at where we are going to take a journey into the world of blogging, life and whatever else comes our way…looking for ways to capitalize on our success and do it with a smile on our face. Life is far too short to worry about being 100% professional all of the time. There is a way to be both successful and happy…so we are going to dive in head first and find it.

Here is to your success,

Robb Sutton
oneninety8, LLC