This guest post was submitted by James Martell. Given the current state of “push button” income schemes…I thought it was highly relevant to post here.

Sadly the online “opportunity” training arena has become populated by hucksters and professional liars who’ll resort to ever trick in the book to market your a** off until they’ve drained you of not only your bank account (or credit cards) but your self esteem too.

I’ve been a full time “affiliate marketer” since a buddy showed me how back in 1999. And I’ve been teaching what I know since 2001. And I didn’t start teaching until my affiliate income was up to $10,000 a month.

I’ve witnessed hundred’s of success stories since then. So yes, there is most definitely “money” to be made, both with affiliate programs and with training.

Income Claims and Sleazy Tactics Have Muddied the Waters

Regrettably, consumers are a lot more wary these days; and with good reason. I, like you, am appalled at the ridiculous “overnight riches” (with little effort) claims I regularly receive in my inbox.

And I have come to loathe those confusing pop-ups that won’t let you get off their site unless you answer their sneaky trick question: press Cancel or Okay. Heck, the other day I found one that would not go away whether I hit Cancel, OK or hit the red X upper right.

Oh, they think they are so clever – so marketing savvy.

But I’ll say this: they are phony, slimy amateurs because “marketing”, whether online or off, are based on establishing trust. Would you ever do business with someone who came to your office or home and refused to leave when you said no thank you?

Not likely. Yet those tactics are commonplace online these days.

How I Made $200,604 in 36 Hours with This Simple Secret

Headlines like this are ridiculous on any level, but mainly because the big lie behind it is that even if someone did make that money, it is certainly not going to happen for you if you buy their BS “system” for $97 (before midnight because it’s so powerful they’ll be forced to take it off the market so it doesn’t get saturated. Yeah, right.)

Our rich friend above could have gotten access to a mailing list of 2 million. He might have spammed everyone on it and made a bunch. Big deal; I could rob a bank too.

For those who feel no compulsion to play by the rules, yes, they can make wads of cash fast. They can also find the FTC at their door, lose all their assets, be forced out of business and/or go to jail.

Are You Practiced In The Art Of Being Ethical?

I always made it a practice to rarely make income claims on my websites promoting my affiliate marketing training. Not that I did not have the stats to back it up. It was more of a strategic plan to gain the trust of my readers. It was also because I knew very well, as does every coach, mentor or trainer in any field, that most simply do not have what it takes.

I know this has cost me money in lost sales. Sadly, many prefer the “big lie”. They want to be sold by someone selling the dream. But I refused to do that.

You could say I’m practiced at it.

I’d prefer teaching students how to come up with a topic for their website, such as rocking chairs or keyboards, or any number of solid consumer products that are sure to stand the test of time and generate ongoing, steady revenue for site owners.

Maybe not as fast or as easy as some “opportunities”, but nevertheless it’s legal, ethical and bankable.

About the Author:

James Martell lives in White Rock, BC with his wife Arlene and their three children. James is a pioneer in the affiliate marketing industry and was successfully profiting with affiliate websites as early as 1999.