I have been playing around with the idea of purchasing the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin for quite sometime now, and…for some reason…I went ahead and bit the bullet this morning. At $97 US, this is not an expensive plugin by any stretch and if it really saves me as much time as claimed, it should be worth its weight in gold.

Here is the idea…we all know that affiliate links within your blog articles are an incredible way to pick up revenue on your blog. The difficult part is going through and setting all of these links every time to draft an article. The MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin looks to take all of that wasted time and effort off your hands by automatically inserting your affiliate links on your site on every article you see fit. On top of that, the Ninja Affiliate plugin will cloak your links so they look like pretty urls off your blog instead of nasty, character infested affiliate links that we are used to.

You get to pick the keywords, how many times they display on the page and exactly what they look like. Better yet…when one of your affiliate programs changes their links, changes companies or just goes away…you can change all of your links on your site with one link change instead of digging through hundreds of posts.

The Ninja Affilliate Plugin links on this page were set up by the plugin. If you hover your mouse over the links, you can see the formatting from the plugin.

My affiliate link for Ninja Affiliate went from this:


to this:


Pretty cool trick isn’t it? There are a host of other features, mods and other tinkering that this plugin allows you to do on your site (including click tracking), but I want to put it through some more testing before I give you guys the entire lowdown. Stay tuned for more updates as I really start to test the features of the Ninja Affiliate Plugin from MaxBlogPress.

Note: I really wish I would have had something like this at the start of Mountain Biking by 198.