I find it incredibly surprising…well not really…how many make money online bloggers there are out there that don’t actually make any money online! If you look at any of the successful MMO bloggers out there…Darren of Problogger, John Chow, Shoemoney, etc….they all MADE MONEY on another blog before they ever even started talking about making money online. Seems like a simple concept really…talk about what you have experience in. How are you going to tell your readers how to race a car if you have never been in a car race? How are you going to instruct and teach them how to cook if the most complicated meal you have ever made is cereal? You can’t! So why are all of these bloggers out there blogging about making money online when they have zero experience in the subject?

I can tell you why…because they are just copying other make money online blogs out there in the hope that they too can start living the dot com lifestyle. However, they will never make it to the web super stardom they are after because they are lacking one crucial element those other bloggers have…ORIGINAL THOUGHT. That’s right…an idea or concept that is new and exciting! If you are just regurgitating someone else’s thoughts, feelings, experience, emotions…you are not original and you will not see success. If you are going to blog about blogging, money, internet marketing or affiliate marketing, you better have some experience to draw off of other than your MMO blog. You have to have real life experience to back up your ideas and credibility and if you don’t then I am so sorry but maybe that’s not the job for you, I always tell everyone how there’s millions of ways of making money, people just need to learn how to do it properly, some have become milliners by just gambling with slotsbaby a few times a day, all you need to do is to BE SMART.

Twitter and Making Money Online

Twitter has created a whole new slew of MMO bloggers and Tweeters all looking to make a quick buck online. I have made it a habit to try to follow back anyone who follows me @robbsutton. I don’t normally do this on my other Twitter accounts, but I thought I would give it a try with my personal one. What this has created is dozens of DM’s from other Twitter participants all with links that they promise will either make me money online or through Twitter.

One…auto DM’s are annoying and I don’t click on the links anyway. Two…Do you really think I am going to trust your one, un-personal SPAM link? Do you really think that is going to convince me that you are actually good at what you profess you are an expert in? I guess you are looking for that 2% conversion rate and hope that a couple of people stick around to hear what you have to say.

The Secret To Making Money Online

Here it is…are you ready all of you “I have to spam you” Tweeters and bloggers…are you listening really  closely…here is the secret to making money online…


That’s right…there is no way around it. I do not want your link on how to put my income on autopilot or how to make money off my Tweets. The truth in any business that will create long term revenue is hard work. If making money online was that easy, there would be millions of millionaires and no one to pick up our trash on a weekly basis. You are building a business and just like any business…it takes time and customers. So next time you see that advertisement that promises to make you millions off adsense or the secret program that will turn your Tweets into gold, hit delete and go about finding a niche and idea that you can call your own.

In the meantime, quit sending me auto direct messages about your “new” idea! We have all heard it a thousand times already and if it was that great…you wouldn’t need to use the auto DM.