It started. You continually took the advice of top bloggers across the web, and by writing quality, engaging content and promoting your blog through guest posts, eBooks and commenting, you are now starting to see your subscriber number climb upwards as you continually deliver the goods to your readers and causal lurkers. All of the sudden, you get a very natural feeling that obsesses your thoughts…the pressure of delivering to a larger audience. Your little start up blog is starting to attract a larger readership because you are providing the goods on a consistent basis. This should be an exciting time (which it is) and you are starting to tense up. What gives?

For many bloggers, it is easy to churn out content like an Italian spaghetti maker when there are only a hand full of people listening. Who cares right? What are you losing if your 5 loyal subscribers don’t end up liking one of your articles? While this is faulty blog writing thinking, it is naturally where the mind heads when you are dealing with smaller groups. As this number climbs, many bloggers feel like a nervous speech deliverer standing in front of a group of thousands in their underwear. Technically, the playing field for content creation has not changed drastically…just the environment. This environmental blogging change can be a difficult transition for many bloggers as they strive to achieve their goal as a top blogger in their niche.

So how do we overcome the blogging stage fright?

So as you continue to see blogging success, how can you overcome blogging stage fright? Here are some tips that keep the heart rate down and the quality content up as you continue to see blogging success.

Just Breathe - Blogging Success - Stage Fright - Stress

Just Breathe – Remember…this is a good thing! You have been working hard at getting these kinds of results and now you are seeing payoffs from your hard work! You must be doing something right if your stats are continuing to rise on your blog, so take a deep breath and calm down. It’s all good.

Keep Planning Ahead – During your beginning blogging, you were looking ahead…finding ways to increase traffic, subscribers and quality content. This goal does not change at any level of blogging success. You need to continue to plan ahead and grow your business. The press does not stop just because you have found success.

Your 1st subscriber is just as important as your 9,767th – As you continue to grow your blog to extraordinary levels…keep in mind that each and every subscriber is equally important. Each one of your subscribers engage with your content 1 at a time, and the same ways you attracted your first ten is very similar to the way you attract the next 1,000 or 10,000. Just because the audience has gotten a lot larger, that does not mean that you treat your subscribers any differently. As you draft new blog posts, continue to write to the reader and visualize helping one blogger at a time.

Use stats as a gauge and not a stress – Blog statistics and metrics should be a gauge on how you are connecting with your blog subscribers and not a stress. As you continue to test out new content ideas and promotional/marketing techniques, look at your stats and subscriber counts as a tool to measure results. If you see a jump in subscribers and comments due to a particular style of blog post, rinse and repeat. If you see negative aspects to a new idea, you know that you either need to tweak it or go another route.

Keeping your head level and remembering to think logically as you move forward with your blogging is going to be essential in realizing long term growth. Try to treat the increased pressure to perform as a driving force to keep doing better instead of a hindrance to success. And damn it! Try to have fun with it! You are growing!

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Just Breath photo by jillallyn