I do not believe anyone got into blogging as a business to be a slave everyday to your latest article. For this reason, it is essential to build up a portfolio of long-term blogging assets that continue to grow your blog and make you money over time. This way…you are not just as good as the last time you hit the publish button.

Any successful company (blogging or not) has tangible assets that drive the growth and sustainability of the business. The day to day operations support and promote those assets to insure long-term growth within a specific market. As you continue to look at ways to grow your blogging, you need to think outside of the box and start planning for the future. What are you adding to your blog today that is going to be a marketable asset in the long-term? Are you only worry about tomorrow’s article?

3 Examples of Long-Term Blogging Assets

  1. eBooks and Digital Goods – Ebooks and digital goods are probably the most recognized and popular form of a long term blogging asset. On robbsutton.com, I have released two free ebooks (Ramped Mindset and Ramped Blogging) and one premium paid ebook (Ramped Reviews). These are tangible blogging assets that will continue to grow the blogs monetary value and increase blog readership and credibility for years. By creating these ebooks, I am able to continue to market the blog and promote useful content that helps other bloggers and increase the bottom line at the same time. Is there something your niche needs that you can provide through a book or program? Other popular forms of digital goods are plugins, coaching programs and consulting. Each of these items increase your brand awareness and expand your offerings as a blogger.
  2. Forums and Community – By creating a forum or strong commenting community around your blog, you are investing in your readers and making their viral capacity an asset to your blogging. Forums are incredibly hard to get started, but – once rolling – generate conversation and content on autopilot with almost no input (minus moderators, database management, etc.). There are several blogs on the net that have made their forums a cornerstone in their industry to get information and converse with other like minded individuals. When managed correctly, forums continue to grow with time, regardless of yesterday’s article.
  3. Pillar Articles and Link Bait – Have a great idea for an article that is going to be so useful readers are going to refer to it for years to come? There are some articles that are just timeless and by writing these long works of literary art, you are insuring viral content and search engine traffic for years. This sort of content is just so good that your readers can’t not link to it. These articles should blow everyone away to the point they are surprised all of that useful information is contained on one page.

The Road Block For Blogging Assets

So, if these items grow your blog exponentially, why don’t more bloggers have them? Time…it takes a massive amount of time to invest in your future as a blogger. Ebooks are not going to get put together on their own, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a strong community and pillar/link bait articles are not your run of the mill blog article. Many bloggers still believe that if they just write their content on a regular basis, everything will just come into place. That is not true and it never will be. You have to invest time in longer term assets and then promote those assets within your niche if you want sustainability for the future.

As you look at your own blog, what are you offering? Are you just stringing blog articles together and hoping for the best? Are you in the process of brainstorming how you can grow your blog for the future? Have you hit a plateau and are trying to figure out how to get to that “next level”? Long term blogging assets are your ticket to blog security.