Serial entrepreneurs run into a major problem in life…we try to make money off of everything we do.

While this can be a great thing in many aspects, we run into one major problem that is ultimately not a good thing. We create a life that is nothing but work by thinking that everything has to create a revenue stream. Our hobbies, our free time, our passions…they all turn into billable hours during the day as we can’t seem to turn the entrepreneur brain off for 5 freaking seconds.

It’s ok. You can love to do something that other people make money at without having to do the same thing yourself.

In life, we need passions and hobbies. We need to be able to escape the life of work and be able to truly enjoy ourselves. For me, that used to be riding my bike…then I turned it into work with Bike198.com. What used to be my escape was now my source of income so every ride became a test, review or brainstorming session. It actually got to the point that my personal bike was never getting ridden and my brain just continued to run 24/7. It was stressful and it sucked.

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Working from home rocks. There are no bones about it. In my life, I have done the years of the hour commute to the office everyday and there is nothing worse. By the time I got home, the frustration level of the work day and traffic about had me through the roof. It is amazing that my wife even married me through that time. So for those of you that are still in that and looking for a way out…I completely feel you and hope you find a way to get some sanity soon.

Ironically, working from home also has its share of struggles and adaptations that make it not suitable for everyone. There are certain major advantages like the zero commute, limited work interruptions that make you crazy efficient and the ability to get up and get a snack when ever you want to.

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A friend and business partner of mine forwarded on this video to me this morning. In my opinion, it is a much watch for everyone. Outside of being one of the best produced YouTube videos I have seen in awhile, it also addresses how we can live healthier and happier lives by doing something really simple that doesn’t take up too much time in the day.

It’s funny. As a business owner, you hear a lot of the same things all the time. You need to keep pushing forward, be smart with your money and come up with new an innovative ideas. There are books that are dedicated to these facts as you try to find your way through the journey of making your ideas reality.

However, one of the biggest driving forces in business that brings you to those “next levels” is generally one that now one really talks about. I find it ironic…but I also understand why. I do not thing it is something that people want to talk about. So what is it?

To make the big gains, you have to step outside of previous comfort zones.

Ok…I know…right now you are thinking, “Robb…yes, we already know that. This is not new news so why are you treating it like it is?” And you would be right, but I am not talking about gingerly taking on new stresses like calling a new client for the first time, stepping out there and talking in public or finally deciding on a new logo. What I am talking about her is stepping WAY outside of where you feel comfortable to the point that you almost feel like you are in the wrong spot.

Anyone can make small gains by staying relatively comfortable and edging that circle out slowly, but the owners that make the big gains jump outside that box with both feat ready to take on new challenges. They take on the projects that they are not sure they can handle.  They get tasks done in timelines that were thought to be impossible. They reinvest back into the company through capital and education.

Bottomline…to make big gains in business (and in life for that matter), you need to make big, sudden gains in expanding what you consider normal and your area of expertise.

It is all about taking that calculated risk to achieve the impossible. Are there new markets you need to attack that has a risk of failure? Is there the next capital reinvestment gain that could land you more opportunities (for site owners…redesign…for brick and mortar…expansion…for consulting…new markets and clientele)?

Some of the more stressful situations in trying to make those big gains is wondering if the risk is going to pay off. But…when it is done right…they pay off in a big way and even if they don’t, you learn more about the process to insure success for the next time around.

There is one thing for sure though, you do not get anywhere by sitting still and staying completely out of risk as you sit safely in your comfort zone. It is time to get out and see what you are really capable of.

Note from Robb: As you can probably tell by the article and how I treat content in general, I write this sort of content when I need it the most as well. Sometimes by saying it outloud…you force your own hand at getting the job done and hold yourself accountable.