6 figure blogging…it’s the dream…it’s the goal…it’s what new bloggers and long time bloggers alike dream about at night. Imagine it…the 2 hour work days, doing what you want when you want, having the financial freedom to go where you want. Sounds like the perfect life. That is because it is. Who wouldn’t want to retire early and actually live the rest of their life instead of slave for it? So…as you keep after that dream of making it big with your blog earning big figures while your friends still slave away for a paycheck…is that dream still alive or is it just a pipe dream that keeps hundreds of blogging based companies in business? Well, I have news for you, and you aren’t going to like it.

Becoming a 6 figure blogger is a pipe dream. If you are planning on starting a blog to eventually become a 6 figure or higher blogger, you are going to slave over dozens…if not hundreds…of articles just hoping for the best. As the pennies continue to flow in at a rate that might pay for a tank of gas over the course of the next 3 months, it starts to become a harsh reality because it is true.

You need to come to grips with the fact that becoming a 6 figure blogger is no longer possible. The days of thousands in Adsense revenue with gigantic cash payouts per click are gone. The industry has become completely saturated with new bloggers that are generating content all over the web. You are now one of hundreds of thousands instead of just thousands. The future looks bleak…but…before you give up hope…

There is still good news for aspiring 6 figure bloggers

You can become a 6 figure business owner who happens to make the businesses money through blogging. This is a crucial step in the 6 figure blogging process that most bloggers completely forget. All of the 6 figure bloggers that you look up to so much are business owners first and bloggers second. If you want to own a business that generates income through blogging, there is no ceiling to what you can accomplish with words on a screen.

Sounds great! Where the hell do I start?

For many bloggers looking to become business owners that blog, they have absolutely no clue where to start when it comes to treating their blog like a business…instead of just a blog. If you are a serious entrepreneur looking to make it to the dot com lifestyle, there are some steps you need to consider outside of building your brand, your readership and your income.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to show you the steps I took to setup my blogging as a business instead of a hobby. These steps are what created oneninety8 and they can help you as you look forward to the future with big money dreams.

Not making any serious income yet?

Now is the perfect time to start the process. One thing to remember…every successful business started off with nothing but a name. Even if they had investors, it all started with an idea and a small business with big dreams. You too are going to start off with next to nothing or maybe enough to cover costs…but…with time and the right mindset, you will capitalize on proper setup when the money does start to roll in. Then you will be a 6 figure business owner explaining to others how you run your business that makes money through blogging.

Be on the lookout for topics that relate to corporate setup, tax ID’s, branding and planning as we continue to dive into all that is running a business that blogs.