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by Robb Sutton

In the last couple of weeks, I have been in a string of interviews that have all included unique questions. This latest, posted yesterday, is from the crew over at WPSwitch is a website/service that will help you install a WordPress blog and customize it. They have a range of different pricing options, so check them out when you get a chance.

Through this series of questions, the team asked me about my blogging and some specifics behind the monetization and how I actually feel about my projects. To see my answers to these questions…click the link below.

Robb Sutton Interviewed on

Interview Questions

  • You have mentioned that MTB by 198 was started as an outlet for your passion for mountain biking. Did you start off with the plan to monetize it?
  • At what point did you realize that your internet presence might have more potential than you originally anticipated?
  • You are best known for getting thousands of dollars worth of product for free to review. What went through your mind when you got the first one?
  • Did you start blogging with the goal of full time/financial freedom?
  • What was your last job before going full time?
  • Was it a huge leap to make the change and start working for yourself or did it all just come into place?
  • Do you maintain a pretty balanced schedule or do you get lost in your obsession and spend nights burning both ends of the candle?
  • You have four blogs in the oneninety8 blog network. Do you have a favorite?
  • What is the next step? Do you have big plans for the future? What is the ultimate goal?
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