Before you jump straight into this blogosphere and hit it head on like a bull at a red cape, there are 5 things you should know before you draft your first blog article.

  1. Bloggin’ ain’t easy – Sad but true. Before you go quit your job because you found this new online business that is going to let you live the life you always dreamed of…don’t. Yes, you can make a fantastic living working only two hours a day, but that doesn’t come for quite sometime. Just like any startup business, it takes time to build a following/customer base. Even then, be ready for at least 2 years of really working hard at it before you can sustain a viable income. Can it be done in less? Of course…but be prepared to work your ass off to get there. Are you willing to work nights and weekends for 2 years? If you are…the payoff is there…
  2. Stick to what you know – Do not start a make money online blog if you have never made a load of money online. When you stick to your strengths, you will see success. Readers will be able to see right through your BS if you are blogging on a subject that you have zero experience or expertise in. All of these make money online blogs that are successful, made money by blogging about something other than making money online. They have the credibility and experience to build off of that you do not. I have been hugely successful with bringing in review products for my blogs and that is what I try to help people with here. Get my drift?
  3. You do not have to be an accomplished writer to be successful – It is true! Don’t believe the hype! You do not have to be a best selling novelist or high school English AP teacher to be a successful blogger. I hated english, writing and reading throughout my life, but I have found a tremendous amount of joy and fulfillment from writing about what I love online. On average, the online writing reading level is probably around a 5th grade level so that readers of all backgrounds can enjoy the content intake. Try not to worry so much about structure and find your own voice that you can release upon the web world. I would make sure that you spell everything correctly though.
  4. You need basic web knowledge – Especially in the beginning, you may not be able to farm out your SEO and coding to an outside source due to limited funds. Set up your blog with your own domain name and a WordPress installation and start becoming familiar with the whole web system. There are places out there like that can help you along the way. Try not to get frustrated and remember that we all started with zero knowledge about the web in the beginning. As you start to see more success, you can start to pay people with more knowledge than you to really fine tune your whole blogging business.
  5. Keep it fun and interesting – You will stop blogging if it constantly feels like work. Do what you love and love what you do when it comes to blogging and building an online business. That will really help you with 1st year burn out and it will give you the drive to continue on your quest.

See…now that wasn’t that bad. Blogging can be more reward than work if you stick to basic principles. Are you going to be part of the top 2% that make their entire living online through their blogging? It is completely up to you and success is in your reach if you grab it. The dot com lifestyle is anything and everything you can dream up…so get to living…