I have been playing around with the idea of purchasing the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin for quite sometime now, and…for some reason…I went ahead and bit the bullet this morning. At $97 US, this is not an expensive plugin by any stretch and if it really saves me as much time as claimed, it should be worth its weight in gold.

Here is the idea…we all know that affiliate links within your blog articles are an incredible way to pick up revenue on your blog. The difficult part is going through and setting all of these links every time to draft an article. The MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin looks to take all of that wasted time and effort off your hands by automatically inserting your affiliate links on your site on every article you see fit. On top of that, the Ninja Affiliate plugin will cloak your links so they look like pretty urls off your blog instead of nasty, character infested affiliate links that we are used to.

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We have all been there…you are getting through the day and life got in the way. You want to keep a consistent posting pattern and show that you are serious about your blogging, but now you do not have enough time to put up a quality article. The stress is starting to get to you as you struggle with the idea of putting up a substandard post to keep your schedule or wait until tomorrow when you will hopefully have more time to put up something worthwhile on your blog. Tomorrow rolls around and the problems from yesterday have not quit festering, so you are presented with the same blogging emergency from the day before! What are you to do when your readers are bleeding for more of you quality content?!

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I hear a lot of talk online and in other social media avenues about the “dot com lifestyle”. While everyone will try to convince you that their version of this lifestyle is the best…the central idea behind it is the same. The dot com lifestyle means that you can do what you want, when you want to as it relates to making money and living your life. Online revenue models and business generation is a fairly easy concept to grasp and apply. The beauty of the internet is the ability to run your business from anywhere on the planet while creating your own hours.

One of the inherent problems with the dream of the dot com lifestyle is that there are many people in this world who aren’t willing to work! For some reason, many people’s thought of the dot com lifestyle is that all working is done and you are officially retired! Great! If only it was that easy!!! The truth is that dot com lifestyle people are extremely efficient and actually work incredibly hard while they are working.

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There was a question posed to me recently that I thought was great content for a blog post. It’s great how that works out isn’t it?! The question was…

When can I start contacting companies for review product for my blog? I only have about 100 visitors a day…is it too early?

The short answer? No! It’s never too early to start contacting manufacturers, companies and other firms in search of growing a long term relationship that will eventually lead to product reviews. Notice…I didn’t say that you are going to get something right off the bat just for asking. Each company may or may not have an idea in their head about review product and how much traffic is needed before they will hand you something for free or to return after the review process. In most cases…they actually don’t, so your highly attentive 100 readers might be just the small group they were looking for!

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