Unique Blog Designs – Theme Wars – Premium WordPress Theme Battle

by Robb Sutton

I woke up this morning to find an email from Unique Blog Designs crew outlining their new site Theme Wars. Pretty cool concept really. Theme Wars is going to host premium themes that you can pick up through their store, but…even cooler…they are going to pit these themes against each other for your votes. Just think of it as a premium theme cage fight! Anyway…two themes are already up and running for your votes, so go check them out at Theme Wars.

Here is  a snipit of the email from the UBD crew…

Hey there,

We know you’re busy, so we’ll keep this short and sweet.

Today, UBD is announcing the launch of a new WordPress theme

Theme Wars is our new theme store with a twist. Top designers
battle and the community votes for the top WordPress themes.

Every week there will be a “Weekly War” between two themes,
and you decide who wins! Luckily for you, we still build both of

We have filled the Theme Wars store with a bunch of awesome
WordPress themes to choose from, all including easy to use control

We also have a support forum and resource center packed with
tutorials so that  you can take your blog(s) to a whole new level!

Theme Wars is also going to be completely GPL compliant, which means
all of the themes can be used on unlimited websites!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote on this week’s war – click “Vote Now”
on the home page.

To your success,
UBD Team
(Josh, Matt & Nate)

Knowing the quality that comes out of Unique Blog Designs, I would expect to see some pretty kick ass themes in Theme Wars over the next couple of months.

Click here to check out Theme Wars and vote for your favorite

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