How to lose me as a Twitter follower – Quickly

by Robb Sutton

Twitter is growing a pace that is unheard of in the internet industry. Thousands of people are joining constantly in search of that next useless 140 character or less tweet that they can bestow on the rest of us eager readers.

While Twitter is an excellent social networking tool for family, friends, business contacts and online businesses, there are several ways that you can lose me as a follower…and fast! Now, I am not conceded enough to think that you are going to lose sleep at night if I hit that all knowing unfollow button, but if the following reasons are enough to get me to unfollow…you can bet your ass that it is enough for others too. In your search to build a significant, worthwhile Twitter following, take these points into consideration before you blast out that next Tweet.

  1. Lame Twitter User Name – If your Twitter user name just screams “I am going to spam the hell out of you!”, I am not going to follow. So…Mr. MLMEXPLOSION…if you want to really create some worth in the Twitter world, do not indicate that you are just going to try to push your work from home business with every Tweet. There are a lot of Twitter users (myself included) that use Twitter to promote their brand, but do not make your user name be the first way to shove it in their face. This same theory goes for all of the Make Money on Twitter and Make Money Online’ish Twitter user names…its just bad form.
  2. Too Many Tweets In Succession – I opened up my Twitter app the other day to find out that two users filled up my entire Twitter timeline. Look…I want to hear what you have to say because I checked your profile, but if you continually push everyone else to the bottom of the list with your 10 Tweets at once posting habits, I am going to hit unfollow. Please use some discretion and post…at most…3 Tweets within a 30 min interval. I do not need to know how every bite of your sandwich was or exactly every song you are listening to that day.
  3. Getting in Arguments or Too Defensive – There are many internet drones out there that use their keyboard to instigate fights that they would be unable to finish in real life. When I start to see online bickering that isn’t productive…you are both off the list. I try to do my best to keep a positive attitude throughout the day because there is enough real stuff in the world to worry about. The last thing I want to see is how cool you think you are. Leave the attitude off social media outlets unless it is completely justified, and in that case…you should really be taking the fight out of the public’s eye.

As you can see, there really isn’t that much that keeps me from following or hitting that unfollow button. As you go through the process of testing out Twitter to see how it fits your needs, just try to remember to treat others how you would wish to be treated (<– corny tag line that your mom used to tell you). When it boils down to it…no one wants to be annoyed with how they can add 1,000 Twitter followers a day if they would just use your program!

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