Getting Blog Readers To Go Deeper – Aweber Follow-Up Emails

by Robb Sutton

Over the course of your blogging career, you are going to write some fantastic articles that are going to end up getting lost in the shuffle. As these articles dive deeper into your blog, they do not get the front page traffic gold that you would like. Bloggers often struggle with getting readers to dig deeper into their blog to find these articles and restore them to their former glory. Many times, readers either do not have the time, or do not know how to get to these articles. The blogger now has to find unique ways to feature older articles that provides solutions to their readers issues.

Email Newsletter Through Aweber

If you are not using Aweber by now…you should be. I will go into an entire, separate blog article on why it is important to capture every single email lead you can through the aid of a newsletter later (you have probably heard a similar song and dance before from influential bloggers), but if you are not signed up for Aweber…do it now. The pennies they ask for per month is in no comparison to the asset you will be creating for your blog.

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Follow-Up Emails Through Aweber

Aweber has a very useful feature known as Follow-Up. Basically, you can set up emails to distribute to your list that are timed. In the example I am about to illustrate, I set up a follow-up message to hit 2 weeks after the subscriber had confirmed their email. That email is then automatically sent to your subscribers without any further input from you.

Aweber Newsletter for Bloggers - Follow Up Messages and Emails

So what did I send out for my first follow up email on Mountain Biking by 198? A short message from me explaining my progression and desire to become a better mountain biker. I also explained that I have published tips on the site as a way to share what I have learned with other riders and then I provided a list of some of my best tips from the past year.

The feedback I received was amazing. Not only did I get a large traffic increase due to the clicks, but I also received multiple emails thanking me for sending out that information!

Hi there Sir Robb,

Thank you very much for sending me this tips. I know this topics will help me build my confidence and  improve my skills as a biker.

More power to you and MTB198!

DynOmite!  A couple of us are hitting 4 different Epic rides this summer (Telegraph Trail, Berryman, Syllamo and Levis Trow).  We might come up with a list of things to have and bring on longer rides (i.e. Epics and vacations with biking in mind).

Thanks Robb.

Awesome stuff, keep it coming.  I’ve got a few new guys (to the group) that have begun riding and this is the stuff they will soak up.  Thanks and keep it coming.


Thank-you so much! This…is good shit! I have been riding for about 6-9 months, I am new to this, and I am totally hooked!!

As you can see, this simple email inviting my newsletter subscribers to engage with some of my older content had a profound impact on my blog and all it took was about 5 minutes of my time.

The Real Potential of Follow Up Emails

For right now, I am going to be solely using the follow up message function of Aweber to benefit my readers through free content. As we speak, I am planning the next series of emails that will help the readers of my blog reach new levels of riding, maintenance and buyer knowledge.

Now…after you have created a true value to your email newsletter, can you imagine the monitization potential? With large subscriber numbers you can promote affiliate programs, help sell your own products and drive even more traffic to your blog. The best part…all of this is completed by writing one simple email. The rest of the process is all on autopilot.

The true potential of follow-up emails through Aweber to your newsletter subscription list is keeping your readers engaged with your blog on a constant basis through valuable content. Like it or not…very few of your blog visitors and even loyal readers visit your blog on a daily basis. By providing this reminder…you are keeping them engaged in even spaces throughout time. This on its own makes the service worth the price of admission, but the money making potential behind email is truly endless as you continue to grow your blog and your business.

Email is still the biggest asset to your blog and business…you need to treat it that way and start engaging.

Little tip: It is going to be natural for some of your readers to forward your emails to friends and you will get the added benefit of viral marketing. If you really want it to spread, show your appreciation for the email responses and respond back. For every one of the emails I received thanking me for the information, I sent back an email thanking them for the email. People read blogs for interaction, so it is up to you to interact with your audience on a public and not so public level.

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Mike June 13, 2009 - 3:58 pm

I love aweber, even with my small email list it’s already having some great benefits. So far, I’m just using it to drive traffic to my site and the results are really good with a weekly blog broadcast. I have a couple of ideas for follow up messages, but I like the idea of sending something a couple weeks after they sign up to promote some of my older articles.


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