Did you know that having a blog can get you into events and get you up close and personal with all access press passes? This past weekend, as many of you already know, I headed up to the USA Pro Cycling Championships. What you do not know, is that it only took one simple email introducing who I was and what my site covered to get a press pass that put me up close and personal with the action. How up close and personal? The action shot to the right was taken with my Nikon at 18mm…that is a pretty wide angle and for those of you not up on the digital photography lingo. He basically almost hit me and you know what the best news is? No one asked me to move!

Your Blog Gains You Access You Can’t Get On Your Own

So how do you get to go beyond the point where you are a normal spectator and into that all access zone? All you really have to do is use your blog as a resume! As a blog owner, you now have the same access to events in your niche just like the major press releases do. You can go in those same restricted areas, see the same press conferences and cover the same events just like a normal print magazine or newspaper can.

Are there shows, events and media outlets in your niche that you would like to cover on your blog? If you find out how to get in touch with the company in charge of the media portion of the event, you too will be picking up your press pass at the media tent that gives you access that most spectators would only dream of!

How To Gain Access

Before every event or show, there are standard emails that are sent out to people in the industry that prep the event. If it is a show, you normally get a list of exhibitors (and shows are normally closed to the public…so extra bonus for you and your blog) or if it is an event, there will be a series of press releases to get everyone pumped up. At the end of every one of those emails, you will find a link to the company that is handling the media for that event.

Once you find out who is handling the distribution of media materials, send them a simple email introducing yourself and your blog. If you are getting some pretty good traffic at the time, quote a couple of traffic numbers so they can get an idea of who they are dealing with. If you do not have a lot of traffic but a professional looking design, do not quote any statistics unless you absolutely have to. Most times…you will be able to get by on your blog alone.

With some simple conversing back and forth, getting your media pass for the event should be a pretty simple deal. The organizers of the event want to get as much media coverage as humanly possible, so it is in their best interest to get people just like you covering the event and posting about it. More coverage for them equals more content for you and that equals more traffic, subscribers, etc.

Why You Should Attend Events And Shows

Events like the USA Pro Cycling Championship and shows in your niche are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and make connections in your industry that will be crucial for future blog growth. Much of your blogging competition will not be able to make these events, so they provide you will unique content in your niche. Throughout these events, there will be vendors, bloggers, publications and media contacts that will continue to be beneficial contacts over time.

By being an active blogger, you are now apart of your industry instead of an outside consumer. The more you jump in and get your hands dirty, you will have even more doors open to you as a blogger. If there are any events that are in close proximity to where you call home, make sure you take the opportunity to attend and get that press pass so you can give your readers a view of the event that they could not capture themselves.