Controversial blog posts can become viral very quickly. Controversy sparks emotion and creates a call to action to share that emotion with others. When a controversial post is done correctly, it can mean large traffic numbers for your blog and…more importantly…more subscribers and return readers.

Do Not Try This At Home

While controversial posts do create traffic, they need to be done very carefully and with a lot of planning. Taking the wrong tact with these posts can turn off readers and actually have a negative affect on your blog that will take time and energy to recover from. This can be avoided, and the post can create positive results for your blog by planning ahead.

Controversial posts are not for the sensitive blogger. There are going to be readers that will agree with you, but the most vocal are going to be those that disagree. You have to be ready for the backlash and participate in the debate without completely losing it. Remember…the reader is just making a comment on your blog that equals zero consequence to them. You are responding on your blog that can equal huge repercussions to you. Think carefully as you respond to a difference in opinion.

The Controversial Blogger

There are many bloggers that stake their claim on the blog nation based off their controversial attitude and language. Before drafting your post, you need to ask yourself…what kind of writer do I want to be and what message am I trying to portray about who I am?

You can haul off and blast everyone and everything in the world.  Keep in mind, by taking this stance, it will be harder in the future to get anyone or any company willing to work with you on future projects. They are just going to be waiting for the next shoe to drop directly on their head.

Controversial bloggers have been known to drive huge amounts of traffic and comments. Over the years, I have watched these bloggers create a brand name around their attitude. The ones that do it successfully have a certain personality and thick skin that really make it work.

How To Write A Controversial Post On Your Blog

So you are ready to dive in and try your hand at come controversy but you don’t know where to start. If you are like me, and have a blog that relies on positive relationships with manufacturers and other members of an industry…there are certain aspects of a controversial blog post that need to be considered.

When I draft a controversial blog post, I make sure that it is fact based over emotionally based. I present both sides of the argument and then present my opinion on why I think I am right. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and your blog is just that…your opinion…so express it!

In a recent post on one of my sites, I drafted an open letter to the manufacturer explaining why I believe one of their products was not up to the standard I believed they had built their name on. I explained that this particular product needed to be manufactured to the same quality that they held in the rest of their line, and until they did that…I would not be using it.

In that post I showed how they manufacture some great products for the industry, but in this one area…they were falling way behind. I also back this up with first hand knowledge of their product and how it worked. Time will tell how it goes over with the manufacturer, but my traffic is up 20% because of that post alone.

So…The Article Is Posted…What Do I Do Next?

Promote the hell out of it. What good is a controversial post if no one reads it? Link it on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and any other social network you are apart of. The trick here is not to spam your followers but inform them that you posted this article up and it would be of interest to them.

Next…sit back and watch the traffic flow. If the article is done correctly, it should become viral pretty easily. Be sure to reply to comments that come in as they happen and really interact with your readers. The purpose of this post was to create emotion and interaction while getting your point across.

What If I Get Contacted By The Group I Posted About?

Hold your ground…you didn’t post up something for the public to see just to fold behind the scenes. Restate your feelings on the subject, but do it in a respectful, non-confrontational manner. Some of the best online relationships stem out of disagreements, so remember that as you go forward in your conversations. You may be surprised…they might take your feelings to heart and actually make some changes that you suggested.

Example: In a review post I did last year on my mountain biking blog, I came out and said that the quality of the wheels did not come close to the cost. I outlined the reasons why and showed through pictures and explanation why I believed I was right. The manufacturer of this particular wheelset actually left a comment on my article explaining where he disagreed, but surprisingly…he also agreed with several of my points and mentioned that he would change those with the next revision.

Ellsworth AM Wheels – The $1,000 Wheelset Reviewed

Controversial posts on your blog can be both entertaining and productive. Remember to have fun with it and back up your thoughts with something concrete that readers can grab a hold of. Just spouting off rants with no real direction will not get you the results you are looking for…in most cases.

Have you used controversy on your blog lately?