Twit Snipe 2.0 has officially soft launched and is available to the public. As part of the beta program, I have already been using 2.0 for a couple of weeks and it is a serious upgrade over the previous version.

The Issue for Normal Twitter Users

I say “normal” for a very key reason. Unless you have a massive amount of traffic to your blog or you are a rockstar, finding Twitter users to interact with can be a difficult, time consuming task. Ideally, you would like tweeters to just find you and start following, but that is not the case. You have to search out like minded individuals and follow them with the hope they follow you back. As you can imagine…it can take forever to build up a good Twitter following by relying on standard methods.

Twit Sniper 2.0

Twit Sniper 2.0 takes all of that research and following and puts it in your hands with an easy to use web based tool (that I also use….look for my face on the sales page!). Especially in my mountain biking/cycling market, I am able to find Twitter users that are talking about biking, cycling and other related keywords automatically through the use of this tool. Once I have let a couple days pass and I am enjoying my new conversations with like minded individuals, I can use Twit Sniper to unfollow those users that did not follow me back. Pretty easy system if you really want to leverage your Twitter account.

Now…I am not a spammer so I use the forces of Twit Sniper for good…not evil…so it is a very useful tool for my blogging.


  • Unfollow people that are not following you
  • Targeted keyword search and follow
  • Schedule these tasks automatically
  • Get stats on your Twitter account
  • and much more…

I don’t know if I am even supposed to show you these shots, but here is the home screen admin of Twit Sniper. As you can see, it has a great layout that is easy to use as you continually grow your Twitter following with targeted leads that are talking about your topics.

Stop in and check it out when you get a chance. If you really want to leverage Twitter in your blogging, you are going to need some sort of tool like Twit Sniper 2.0 to keep Twitter from sucking away all of the valuable time you should be using to produce content, write eBooks, etc.

For a limited time…you can try out Twit Sniper 2.0 for the first 7 days for ONLY $1.00! Check out Twit Sniper 2.0

Twit Sniper 2.0 - How to gain Twitter FollowersTwit Sniper 2.0 - How to gain Twitter Followers