So you are sitting in from of the add new post screen and you are completely drawing a blank…it happens. Even the greatest bloggers in the world draw a blank sometimes. It is all part of the writing process. You aren’t going to have that new, amazing idea every time you sit down ready to throw down some content on your blog. While it is easy to let writing block get you down…it is important to keep your head held high in your search for that amazing bit of content that will connect with your readers.

What do I do to keep the ideas flowing?

Hopefully you are blogging on a subject that you are passionate about. If you are, then you are engaging in this subject on a regular basis. My best post ideas…whether it is about blogging, mountain biking, the economy, etc…come to me when I am engaging with that subject matter. If I am blazing down some killer singletrack in the mountains or talking to another blogger about blogging, I normally have a wall of post ideas that hit me in the face.

To keep these ideas fresh and at the front of my mind, I stop right then and enter a one to two line entry in my phone so I can reference this thought later when I am ready to draft an article for my blog. Your cell phone is an incredible note taking resource because it is one of the few objects that is actually on your body at all times. It is also one of the most under utilized assets in your arsenal. Use your cell phone as a thought gathering instrument and you will never be without a blog article idea ever again.

You are going to come up with your best ideas while engaging in your niche. It is impossible to keep all of these ideas in your head no matter how hard you try, so it is essential to write them down instantly. It is less stress on you and your memory banks.

Make a conscience effort during your daily interactions to keep ideas at the forefront of your everyday thoughts. You will be pleasantly surprised where your own mind will bring you and your blog, and most importantly…record these thoughts and feelings right away for future retrieval. The idea is to make things much easier for yourself in the future by recording what you are thinking about right now.

Don’t have anything written down?

If you are completely drawing a blank and you don’t have anything on your list that seems worth writing about, sit back…relax…and recollect a memory from your past. I often find myself daydreaming throughout the day of the perfect ride and these simple daydreams will spark an idea for my blog that get the creative juices flowing.

Get creative with your thought processes and it will come through in your writing. In the constant quest of trying new things, you will find different ways that work for you that conquer writer block and bring you to new levels in your blogging.

Keep on writing and keep the flow…everything else will come with time and experience…

Image by For You. (& Me, & Everyone I know)