Ramped Blogging – The Ultimate Blogging Guide for Beginner and Advanced Bloggers – is officially released and ready for download! A lot of work has gone into bringing this free eBook to the public and I am extremely happy with the result.

When I set out to create an eBook for bloggers looking to build a business that generates income out of their blogging, I wanted to come to the table with something completely different. Basically, I wanted to write the eBook I didn’t have and wish I did. There are some great eBooks out there on blogging, making money online, making money by blogging and building a successful blog, but there was not one – that I could find – that brought this all together for the guy that has nothing to the advanced blogger that has a following.

What Will You Find In Ramped Blogging?

When I sat down and started piecing together Ramped Blogging, I knew it was going to have to stand out and be different and that is exactly what I accomplished.

  • 118 Pages of Pure Blogging Content
  • Beginner Content – Blog Brainstorming, WordPress Setup and Blog Design
  • Intermediate Content – Blog Promotion Techniques, Creating Successful Content, Basic Monetization
  • Advanced Content – Advanced Blog Promotion Techniques, Advanced Monetization, Social Media Leveraging

To change things up a little bit even more, I also included links to blog articles from other bloggers that have helped me achieve the success I have up to this point. The oneninety8 blog network is thriving and I would be stupid to think that the success came without the help of others in the field. For that reason, I included “further reading” resources throughout Ramped Blogging so you can see other successful bloggers perspectives on the given subject matter.

How Do I Get Ramped Blogging?

As you can probably tell…there are not any eBooks on the market that include all of this information. On top of that, they would not be free! All you have to do is sign up for the free email newsletter and you will get the download link for both Ramped Blogging and Ramped Mindset (changing the way you think to become successful) in your email. As being part of the newsletter, you will also receive exclusive content and deals straight from me from time to time.

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Bonus: 7 Week Free Blogging eCourse (Free Traffic To Your Blog!)

To compliment Ramped Blogging and help bring more traffic and success to your blog, I am also giving away a free 7 week eCourse delivered via email with Ramped Blogging. Within this email course, there are bonus traffic options where I will actually help you get traffic to your blog when you complete challenges.

Your Feedback Please

I put a lot into this free eBook and one of the best rewards for me is when I read your feedback comments about it.

If you have anything to say, good , bad or indifferent, after reading Ramped Blogging, please add your comment to this post.

Ramped Blogging Table of Contents

Want a sneak peak of what’s inside Ramped Blogging? Here’s the Table of Contents.