For awhile now, I have been searching for a way to help bloggers make money online. I knew the information I want to set forth…I just had no clue how I wanted to format it. After a lot of going back and forth trying different blog posts, I realized this was only going to work as a free eBook. After some splicing, “Problogging Is Dead” was born and free to the public.

Problogging Is Dead

Bloggers struggle to make money online. Many…if not all…bloggers have zero business owning experience and are looking for a way to become self sufficient through their own doing. So…to overcome this, bloggers need to take a serious look at how money is made through blogging in today’s atmosphere. The “problogging” days are gone. What we are left with is a lot stronger business model of actually creating resources online that are valuable to our readers and generate income at the same time

If you are struggling to make money online or are only making enough to get by…this is your ticket to freedom. The old ways of doing things (that many people are still doing) are gone. If you are expecting to make a great deal of money by throwing up some Adsense and writing articles, you are going to continue to wait.

“Problogging Is Dead” is going to show you how to make a significant income online and you do not even have to give away an email address to get it! This is something I wanted to do for you guys as a thanks for everything you have given me over the years.

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