Throughout the blogging industry, you constantly hear, “blog about what you are passionate about”. There is good reason for this. You will be more likely to continue blogging when you are making little money and your readership is small if you love what you are blogging about. There are bloggers that have made fortunes without this, but the success rate is higher if you are blogging with passion instead of work. However, this does bring about a hurdle that most beginning bloggers do not consider when starting their new blogs on their passions.

Are You Prepared To Make Your Passion or Hobby Work?

As much as I wish I could tell you successful blogging has zero “work” attached, that just wouldn’t be true. Yes…when you are doing what you love it does not feel like work. That is one of the most appealing things about blogging. However, there are certain aspect of blogging that are boring ass, “I thought I left this behind” work.

Until you are making enough cash to outsource the boring aspects of business owning, you are now your own accountant, email answering service, customer service, business planner and do-it-all guru. Successful blogging is not just writing about what you love. It is also managing a business that surrounds that central function.

When I am backlogged on product reviews, I have to take out extra time to ride bikes, carry more equipment and sometimes skip certain rides with friends  because I have companies that are waiting on me to deliver on my promises. There isn’t any time to sit around lazy and say…”I’ll just do it tomorrow.” I brought upon this responsibility, so it is up to me to deliver.

I know…it sounds silly actually. Damn…I have to go ride my bike today to test out cool product that everyone else drools over. But…the fact is that you have to start taking your hobby/passion seriously if you want your blog to be successful.

The good news. You are trading the set of problems you had with the 9-5 for a much higher quality set of problems with the ‘I am my own boss’ lifestyle. You are not rid of responsibilities, you just get to choose the quality of those responsibilities. You also have direct control on the outcomes and payoffs.

So…as you look forward to your blog over the next couple of years…are you prepared to make your hobby and passion work?

Sleep at computer image by Corie Howell