I know the feeling. You are sitting in front of your computer screen thinking, “what the hell am I going to write about today?!”. It’s ok…there is a solution and it is much easier than you could ever imagine. Before you go jumping off a cliff worrying about whether your readers are going to like what you write or completely leave you because you missed a day of valuable content – how dare you! – check out these sources for blog content that will get you typing and published before you know it.

4 Blog Content Sources for Bloggers

  1. Online Forums In Your Niche – Online forums are a fantastic source for blog content. In those forums that are related to your niche – and every niche has at least one huge one – you are going to find what your readers want to read…current topics. Online forums are an instant resource that taps into the minds of your readers and potential audience. By browsing the thread subject headings and longer thread content, you are able to find incredibly valuable content that will breed conversation on your blog. Why will it breed conversation? Because people are already talking about it!

    Recently, I joined the Problogger.com forum (measly 2 bones per month to connect with other high quality bloggers…pretty sweet if you ask me but that is another subject for another day) as a way to connect with other bloggers. What I realized shortly there after, is that I am paying 2 bucks a month for a list of article topics longer than I can physically write. It’s fantastic! The nerve of the blogging community is at my finger tips all thanks to a simple forum. If you are not watching the large forum in your niche…you need to start right now and feed off all of the valuable, relevant content it can bring to your blog.

  2. Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook and Other Social Media Outlets – By paying attention to trending topics and what is popular out there today in your niche, you are able to find and expand upon these topics in your blog articles. You should already be using these forms of internet communication, so now is the time to look at them in a little bit different light as you get over writer’s block and start typing like mad with your new, great idea. If you are seeing a trend in conversation, chances are – your readers want to hear what you have to say about it. Instead of just watching these incredible content ideas pass you by, capitalize on the news and get to writing.
  3. Other Bloggers Blogs – I am sure by this point your RSS feed reader is filled with your competition’s feeds to see what they are writing about that day. Is there an article from the past that you could expand on? How about something one of them wrote today that you don’t agree with or see from a different angle? I am by no means telling to you call out the other blogger and start an all out internet content war (no one ever wins those things anyway). Stick to your content and your readers and present new information in your own unique way. Leave the content copying and name calling to the amateurs and grow your business by expressing your unique voice on a topic that has been covered elsewhere on the net.
  4. Your “In case of emergency…break open” Cheat Sheet – If you are not doing this little tip…start today. For all of my blogs, I have an emergency list of blog article topics ready to go in case of emergency. As article ideas hit my cranium randomly throughout the day (typically when I am neck deep in an activity related to that specific niche blog topic), I jot them down on a piece of paper or log them in my iPhone. Once I get to my cheat sheet, I transfer these ideas into a formulated list of topic ideas. That way…when I get in front of that blank Add New Post screen, I have a backup of about 20 or so article ideas if I absolutely can’t come up with anything from any other content source. These topics are normally timeless in nature (won’t be out of date in two weeks) so they are always relevant.

    You can even take this one step farther and actually draft up the articles in your free time so all you have to do is quick edit and publish. I have been known to keep a couple of articles in the drafts folder for just the reason.

As you can see, there is no reason to sit at a blank screen and shake uncontrollably because you have nothing to write about. Content is EVERYWHERE. You just have to open your eyes, get creative and make writer’s block your bitch.