2010 is and has been a great year for bloggers and website owners. As the blogging industry continues to stray away from its journaling past to evolve into a solid business platform, we are seeing success by entrepreneurial spirits all over the world. Never before have people from across the globe been able to connect as easily both personally and professionally to work together towards a common goal.

Throughout my blogging career, there have been numerous site owners and bloggers that have directly influenced and affected how I run my business. The following list is a collection of those individuals and the online real-estate they represent. This is by no means a claim that they are the most influential on the web. These bloggers and website owners have directly affected how I blog and business build as well as affected those around me.

Some of these names will make you think; “oh…here we go again.” as their spread of influence can not be denied. However, hopefully you find some names on this list outside of the blogging/MMO niche that you can observe and pull influence from to increase your success.

30 Most Influential Bloggers and Website Owners of 2010

So let’s jump right into it…in no particular order…the 30 most influential bloggers and website owners of 2010.

#1 – Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse

Darren is the bloggers blogger. With his highest grossing blog residing outside of the blogging niche (DPS), Darren proves that being successful online has nothing to do with blogging about blogging and credibility is built upon experience and success. He continues to redefine himself and expand his online offerings through eBooks, forums and other outlets.

Problogger.net | Digital-Photography-School.com | Twitip.com | Interview on RS

#2 – Alborz Fallah

Alborz Fallah - Car Advice

Alborz provided a lot of inspiration for Bike198.com as a successful blog outside of the blogging niche in an expensive, product based market. Dubbed as the million dollar blogger, Alborz is able to drive some of the hottest cars in the industry for a living exemplifying…for me…the ultimate “internet lifestyle”. Not being a blogger…but doing what you love day in and day out and getting paid for it.


#3 – David Schloss

David Schloss - Mac Create

Many of you probably have never heard of David. The originator of the Aperture Users Network, this photographer and website owner has been around for quite awhile. With his recent expansion of his original network into MacCreate.com, David has built an online empire revolving around Apple and digital products.


#4 – Collis Ta’eed

Collis Ta'eed - Envato

While we are on the blog network kick, Collis Ta’eed created a massive online network of blogs and stores with the Tuts Plus network and family of sites under the Envato name. Started in his mom’s garage, Collis sets the blueprint on how blog networks should be created and expanded upon.

Envato | TutsPlus | ThemeForest | Rockable Press

#5 – Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

While I do not normally agree with the slant the Huffington Post takes on news, I greatly respect the amount of success Arianna and the rest of the crew have achieved online. Recently, Google released the top 1,000 most trafficked sites online and the Huffington Post was the top blog on the list. If that doesn’t spell success…I don’t know what does…

The Huffington Post

#6 – David Risley

David Risley

Friend and fellow blogger David Risley has been around before the days of WordPress. With several successes in and out of the blogging industry, David still manages PCMECH and helps others achieve online success on DavidRisley.com.

DavidRisley.com | PCMECH | 3DayMoney | Blog Masters Club | Interview on RS

#7 – Matthew Inman

Matthew Inman

While his most notable successes online are for SEOmoz and Mingle before the age of 27, I find Matthew Inman’s originality with The Oatmeal inspiring. Every time I land on the pages of The Oatmeal, I am reminded to be myself and original.

The Oatmeal |0at

#8 – James Richmond

James Richmond - The Infopreneur

Having just started TheInfopreneur a short 7 months ago, James managed to inspire many with his dedication and hard work. With long “regular job” work weeks, he was still able to blast a ton of quality info on the web and bring in thousands of comments on his blog. Unfortunately, James is having to step out of the limelight for a little while to battle some health issues, but I don’t think this will be the last we hear of him online.


#9 – Michael Dunlop

Michael Dunlop - Income Diary

Michael has proved…without a doubt…that you can have rapid monetary success online by being original and providing value. His dedication to studying web trends and providing high quality information and interviews for bloggers and young internet entrepreneurs is unprecedented.

IncomeDiary.com | Retireat21.com | Interview on RS

#10 – Elden Nelson

Elden Fatty Nelson - Fat Cyclist

What started off as a humor blog about cycling and losing weight took a drastic turn as Elden’s wife got cancer. Elden used his spread online to raise more money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation than any other individual. Now passed, Elden’s wife still provides strength and hope for other cancer patients through Elden’s (fatty) continued support of fighting cancer and cycling.


#11 – David Leggett

David Leggett - Tutorial9

Owner of Tutorial9.net, panel member of UXBooth and web designer, David Leggett has his influence spreading all over the web with design and blogging. The design he created over at Tutorial9.net also happens to be one of my favorite in the industry.

Tutorial9.net | UXBooth | TheLeggett

#12 – Arn Kim

Arn Kin Macrumors

For those of you wondering if you can have a full time job and blog at the same time, Arn Kim ran MacRumors.com for eight years while being a full time doctor before taking his online exploits full time. Arn is an inspiration for everyone trying to put in the late hours to make their online income take over their “regular job”.


#13 – John Chow

John Chow

John Chow and blogging are two terms that go hand in hand. Having grown up in a small mud shack in China to building his empire that now sits atop the nicest neighborhood in Vancouver, BC. While some do not agree with his tactics, John Chow shows how drive, determination and a passion for blogging can really bring you to the “dot com lifestyle”. Having started in the tech industry, Chow backs up his monetary gains with real life experience outside of the blogging/MMO niche that he is now famous for.

The TechZone | JohnChow.com

#14 – Justin Shattuck

Justin Shattuck

Justin Shattuck is a name in the blogging industry that you may not even be aware of his influence. You have seen his designs, used his plugins and engaged with his content…most likely…without even knowing it. Owner of Just The Web and several blogs, Justin is an entrepreneur that has left his mark on the blogging world quietly. He also happens to be a partner in oneninety8.

JustinShattuck.com | ReviewTea | Creamily | Just the Web

#15 – Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson - Bible Money Matters

Peter and his wife went from tons of student loan and personal debt to only owing on the mortgage on BibleMoneyMatters.com. His financial advice and faith has helped others achieve the same through his blogging efforts. I first met Peter way back when I was first starting RobbSutton.com. His drive and passion for the subject matter has really brought his blog to the success it sees today.

BibleMoneyMatters.com | Quicktofit.com | Logosforwebsites.com

#16 – Kelly Diels

Kelly Diels - Cleavage

Kelly has a true passion for writing and blogging and that has landed her the fantastic opportunity to blog on Problogger.net and be a full time freelance writer. Once chained by her desk job, Kelly know gets to make a living full time doing what she loves…writing. I’ll never forget the day she popped up on my chat screen with the news…the excitement could be seen through the screen!


#17 – Daniel Scocco

Daniel Scocco - Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips is a fixture in the blogging industry and Daniel Scocco is at the helm. Add to that…he is a member of the online profits crew with names like Yaro Starak and Neil Patel, so success online is just how Daniel rolls.

Daily Blog Tips | Online Profits

#18 – Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

Yaro is the king of membership programs and teaching others success online like he has seen over the years. Having gone through Yaro’s Blog Mastermind program in the past (all of us start from somewhere!), I can tell you the success is well deserved. Yaro has a true passion for blogging and the lifestyle it can bring for aspiring internet entrepreneurs. It spreads through everything he does.

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com | Blog Mastermind | Membership Mastermind | BecomeABlogger.com

#19 – Mike Crimmins

Mike Crimmins - Daily Shot of Coffee

I met Mike through my work on RobbSutton.com. Mike has taken his love of all things coffee and turned it into a coffee blog that is accessible for all types of coffee drinkers. The real appeal I find in Mike’s blogging is his ability to not be the ego driven blogger. He has a real ability to connect with all types of people and their love for the brown bean.

Daily Shot of Coffee

#20 – Nathan Hangen

Nathan Hangen

Nathan just hangs it out there…pulls no punches…and you know exactly where you stand. This brutal honesty wins him readers trust and is true to who he is. Blogging has to be authentic and you have to not just carbon copy another blogger’s voice. Nathan Hangen stays true to who he is and does not bend to public opinion. It is an inspiration.

NathanHangen.com | Beyond Blogging

#21 – Francis Cebedo

Francis Cebedo

If you do not ride a bike, you are wondering…”who the hell is Francis Cebedo?!” Francis started the largest cycling websites in the world and it ranks up there with some of the top forums in the world…MTBR.com. With millions of visits a month, Francis has hit the holy grail in forum ownership in spades and provides the inspiration to other forum starters by showing what is really possible.

MTBR.com | RoadBikeReview.com

#22 – Nicholas Cardot

Nicholas Cardot

Nicholas is just a cool dude with great content. One of the diamonds in the rough with SiteSketch101, Nicholas takes a powerful look at blogging and social media with a unique look, voice and attitude. As a member of the United States Army, he carries that same dedication and consistency into his blogging.

Site Sketch 101

#23 – Shoemoney


Jeremy Schoemaker is legendary in the internet marketing and blogging industries. However, his millions of dollars in annual revenues is not the reason I included him on this list. His story of self destruction to healthy, happy living is an inspiration to those looking to blogging to make a positive turn in their lives. Anything is possible with the right attitude and determination and Shoemoney is living proof that the sky is no longer the limit.

Shoemoney.com | The Shoemoney System

#24 – Michael Martine

Michael Martine - Remarkablogger

Michael Martine shows businesses how to capitalize on blogging and social media to improve their businesses and jump into the new business world head first. His long term commitment and knowledge in web trends is on par with the top in the industry. Michael is just one of those happy family guys that you want to pick there brain for awhile…and I got the chance on this blog.

Remarkablogger | Interview on RS

#25 – Alex Fraiser

Alex Fraiser - Blogussion

The new generation of bloggers is making fast strides in the industry. 17 year old Alex Fraiser is making waves with great design and content over at Blogussion. With this new wave of talented bloggers, the future looks bright for the industry as a whole. Bloggers like Alex are a reminder to the rest of us to stay on top of trends and never stop learning.


#26 – Rob Rammuny

Rob Rammuny

Having started making waves recently, Rob Rammuny is expanding his offerings online through blogging and WordPress themes. Another one of the younger generation bloggers, Rob is building his empire before most of us even thought of how to write our first articles. Exciting times for the younger generation as things move forward.

Robs Web Tips | Theme Sheep WordPress Themes

#27 – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk - Wine Library TV and Crush It

What can be said about Gary V that hasn’t been beat to death already? Gary brought his family wine business to new heights through his blogging efforts and then continued his empire with content and books. Gary is the new wave of entrepreneurs that are leveraging the power of the internet to increase business rapidly.

Gary Vaynerchuk | Wine Library TV | Crush It!

#28 – Jordan Cooper

Jordan Cooper

Jordan Cooper cracks me up…literally. This comedian, forum connoisseur and blogger brings his unique style to everything he touches. It takes a lot of balls to step on stage and perform a comedy act and Jordan brings that same confidence and humor into his blogging. Jorday reminds me why we don’t have to be serious all of the time to take our business seriously.

Not A Pro Blog

#29 – Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett has helped more bloggers, website owners and business owners achieve success through online outlets than I care to count. As a co-author of Problogger with Darren Rowse, Chris has an impressive resume that backs up his willingness to help others.

ChrisG.com | Problogger

#30 – Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro’s eBook “How To Launch The #!&@ Out Of Your Ebook” has become my go-to guide every time I get ready to launch a new product. Getting things done the right way the 1st time is essential to success and Dave lays it all out there so you can see the results.

The Launch Coach | How To Launch The @#!& Out Of Your Ebook

There You Have It!

Inside and outside of the blogging world, there are people to touch our lives and affect our business. These 30 individuals are the ones that have had the most influence over my blogging and those close to me this year.

Everyone has their list…who is on yours?