Twitter is a social media outlet that connects all types of people from around the world. With little 140 character excerpts of our lives, we are able to give a little bit of light into our world and what we do on a daily basis. So the situation arises…if you are not marketing a blog post, ebook or some other form of online expression…what the hell do you say?

I tried something out the other day that had fantastic results, so…like any good blogger…I have to share the experience.

Every now and then, I like to tell on myself. You know as well as I do that no one is perfect. There are times where we look back what what we have done during the day and thought…”what was I thinking?!” And at that point, you just have to laugh at yourself.

I have always held true to the idea that you are not allowed to laugh at someone else if you can not laugh at yourself…and that is where this story starts. Wednesday morning, I woke up to find out I was out of deodorant. I had the option of scratching myself up on what was left on the stick of Old Spice High Endurance (sounds STRONG doesn’t it?), or I could use my wife’s nice smelling “made for a woman, but strong enough for a man” stuff. I bit the bullet and used my wife’s.

About half way through the day…I realized that I still smelled like a girl. I had been messing around on Twitter all morning and thought…it is time to tell on myself a little bit and see if anyone notices. In a nice little blast out into the Twittersphere, I typed the following line:

Not going to lie. I smell like a girl today. Ran out of deodorant and had to use my wife’s.

When you throw lines out on Twitter like this…it really gives you an idea on who is listening. The responses were hilarious! In all reality, it was some of the most fun I have had on Twitter to date and it was at my own expense!

Here were some of the responses from my @robbsutton account.

  • LOL – I needed that. Just don’t run out of clean underwear. 😉
  • dont worry, I’ve also done that b4
  • That sounds humbling.
  • lol so u smell like lavander !!! Nice
  • Just admit that you like the smell of your wife’s deodorant! 🙂

And some responses from my @mtbby198 account. (remember…this a 99% cycling based crowd):

  • You didn’t shave your legs too, did you? 🙂
  • been there!
  • Shave your legs and I’ll buy you dinner!
  • He already shaves his legs… Roadie
  • Strong enough for a man!

As you can see form the sampling, I got a great response from ripping myself a little bit and it actually opened up some conversation with Twitter followers I hadn’t really conversed with on a more personal level yet.

By stepping outside the normal “social media” box and showing that you are actually human, you are able to connect with people and bring more of yourself into your web adventures. I know I’ll end up making fun of myself some more after this little experiment.

Have you ever ripped yourself on Twitter or found another “out of the box” way to connect with followers?

Slightly Embarrassed Image by Jayel Aheram