No…this is not some catchy headline to draw you into some unrelated article about blogging. My blogging revenue is really $0.00 with no hope of every growing past that point. What all of those critics say about making money by blogging is true. There is zero money to be made by blogging. With every word in every article, I have not once been paid to blog. Period. I guess it is time to throw in the hat right?! I should just give in to all of the critics and start working for hte man. That sounds like a good time right? Wrong.

Why My Blogging Revenue is $0.00

If you are looking to start writing on a blog and make money, about the only way you can actually make income by purely blogging is to generate content for someone else. You don’t own your own blog and all of your content gets published on another blog for another blogger’s benefit. You get a small fee for producing the content and you move on to the next article. That is making money by blogging.

I do not make money by blogging. All of my content gets published on my blogs for your viewing free of charge. I guess I could charge myself for my articles…but all of that time moving my own money around bank accounts for zero profit doesn’t sound like much fun. Blogging is a platform to leverage other revenue streams and that is the purpose of blogging as it relates to making money online.

Here is my hope. I hope that by helping people in my articles (applies to all of my blogs…not just this one), they feel compelled to download my free ebooks, purchase my premium ebooks, generate enough traffic to sell direct advertising spots or click on an affiliate link relevant to the information provided. On my cycling blog, I have had tremendous success with product reviews as an avenue to provide purchasing information for my readers. I do not get paid for those reviews directly (most of the time I do get to keep whatever I am reviewing), but by providing that service to my readers…I get a commission off of that sale.

As a blogger…you need to look for new and inventive ways that you can help your readers. Much of the content I publish has zero monetary value to me. All of the “how to” articles very rarely have any affiliate links or direct money making streams embedded in the content. In all reality, most of my articles are not for the sole purpose of generating income. My goal is to help as many readers as I can achieve some goal that is related to the niche I am blogging in. By helping these readers…they help me achieve my goals.

Take a look back at all of the massively successful blogs online. Are any of them actually making money by blogging? No…they are not. They are making money by providing helpful services that benefit their subscribers. In turn, they diversify their income streams to make money from multiple sources that all combine to make an incredibly valuable resource online.

Next time you think about making money blogging, you need to step back and take a strong look at your business model. Where is the income going to stem from? How can you generate content that helps people and compliments the income streams you have setup online? This equates to helping readers of your blog and having relevant ways to generate income through that service.

You are not going to make a dime blogging, but you can make a great income by providing a service and helping others.