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by Robb Sutton

Navigating the corporate world in search of quality product to review on your blog can be a difficult task. You have know exactly how, when and where to contact major companies in your niche with the hope that you are doing it correctly. As you see other blogs pull in thousands of dollars in free review product, you have to wonder…how do they do it? Ramped Reviews is here to show you how its done and…more importantly…how you can do it too.

One of my blogs, Mountain Biking by 198, brought in over $70,000 in review product in its first year and as time goes on…that number continues to climb. As I looked into it further, I saw a need for a resource that would teach other bloggers to see the success I have attained. After months of collaboration, I present Ramped Reviews.

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But don’t take my word for it…scroll down to see what others are saying about Ramped Reviews…

Who is Ramped Reviews for?

Ramped Reviews is the ideal book for any blogger looking into review blogging and getting product in for review. You can be a seasoned veteran or just starting out and Ramped Reviews will help you obtain thousands in free product…to the point you are backlogged and overflowing! Ramped Reviews walks you step by step through every aspect of the review blogging process.

If you have ever wanted to get free product to review on your blog from companies in your niche, Ramped Reviews is your ultimate resource and you need to pick up a copy right now! In one month alone, I pulled in over $10,000 in review product due to the success of the site by using the methods described in Ramped Reviews. This massive success caught the eye of Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur-Journey.com, he invited me to record a podcast on his blog spelling out a few of the reasons for this success.

Where else are you going to get a $20.00 investment that shows this kind of return? Only $20.00 stands in the way between you and thousands…

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What do I get with Ramped Reviews?

  • Why bloggers get free product to review.
  • What your site needs to have before you start the pro reviewing process.
  • How to contact companies in your niche about free review product. (including a high converting sample letter)
  • The review process and how to write a successful product review including SEO review tactics that will land reviews on the front page of Google.
  • What to do after the review process is complete.
  • How to turn your product reviews into cash.
  • How to rapidly grow your blog through your free review product and product reviews.
  • Bonus Material

What will I have at the end of Ramped Reviews?

  • A highly successful blog built off of free product from your niche.
  • Top ranking reviews in search engine results.
  • More product from your niche than you know what to do with (some bloggers are months backlogged thanks to Ramped Reviews).
  • Blog revenue (cash) from affiliate sales off your top ranking reviews.
  • A blog that is growing at a increasing rate due to newsletter and rss subscription numbers thanks to your free review product.
  • Working, successful relationships with companies in your blog’s niche.

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money-back-guaranteeIf you’re not satisfied with Ramped Reviews after one month, just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that Ramped Reviews will help you and your blog.

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What other bloggers are saying about Ramped Reviews

Darren Rowse @ ProBlogger.net

Problogger.net Ramped Reviews - Free Review ProductA very helpful ebook that I’ve just read that has some great ideas on how to get products to review on your blog, how to write profitable reviews and much more. It’s a great read on a topic that I think a lot of bloggers will find helpful.


John Chow - Ramped Reviews ReviewRobb has done a very good job on Ramped Reviews. The eBook is nearly all content with very little fluff. I wish I had a copy when I was starting The TechZone. It would have save me a lot of trial and error time…Ramped Reviews is well worth the money.

Paul @ InspiredMoneyMaker.com

InspiredMoneyMaker.comRobb’s eBook is totally different.  Robb runs a successful mountain biking review Blog and it has nothing to do with making money online…If you run a Blog or have been thinking about starting a Blog, you’ve got to read this…have to tell you that I was very impressed and something in that eBook acted like a “missing piece” in my Blogging strategy that had finally fallen into place…our eBook got me so excited that night that I literally did not sleep all night.

Shannon @ InfectedbyBugs.com

woodlogoI found that Robb Suttons Ramped Reviews Ebook is not only worth the $20 its probably worth a lot more…you won’t be wasting time reading what we call “Fluff Words” just to make the ebook seem bigger. All 44 pages is jamb packed with the goodness…you will probably rake in hundreds of dollars worth of free stuff that’s yours to keep or give away for free on your blog!

Mike @ Daily Shot of Coffee

I’m a big fan of Ramped Reviews, I’ve been using his advice on my coffee blog to get free coffee to review. I now have more coffee than I can drink. My next step is to get some bigger items to review. It’s a great eBook.

Jerry @ M1ARifles.com

yup, its true! I got my first product to review on the way! Ramped reviews is well worth the 20 bones!

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