FS: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V 6MT Sedan – 1,306whp on nitrous / 803whp on 93oct and meth

by Robb Sutton
nopower cadillac cts-v

Time for the official thread. After jumping back and forth on whether or not to sell her, I have finally decided that it is time. I have had an awesome time building this car with Vengeance Racing and racing it all around the country. I have had the chance to meet some awesome people and take some records here and there. I am really going to miss this car but it is time that she goes to someone who can enjoy her as much as I did. I really am sad to see this one go.

First, the transaction will be handled through Shine Auto Salon. They are great friends of mine and they are local (10 mintues from my house). I am traveling too much to handle the sale on my own and they bring the unique ability of being able to handle the sale like a dealer. That means they can take trade ins on my car. They are also an incredible detail/paint protection shop and they have already polished her up. It was sad to see her looking so awesome right before I am getting rid of her. They literally told me “you don’t want to walk back there right now”.

Shine Auto Salon
Address: 1007 Union Center Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30004
Phone: (470) 297-8301
Starting price will be $49,500 I believe.

I am not parting out a single piece of this car. EVERYTHING is going with it from the ADV.1’s…to the Welds…to the stock wheels…to both rear differentials. It is ready to rock for whoever gets to pick it up. Alright…let’s get into the car.

2009 CTS-V 6MT in Black Raven
Loaded Options with Recaros
Build done by Vengeance Racing in Cumming, GA

The body has 101k on it. I know the pricing sounds high for the milage…but the body is the only thing that has that amount of milage on it. Everything else has been upgraded/replaced. I basically made a new car for the new owner. I started adding up what I have invested in this car and stopped when I hit $60k (not including the price of the car) with more to go. She was complete stock minus the Airaid intake when I bought it. All of the work has been done and serviced by Vengeance outside of the interior stuff, and with Dealer service Alternative  for some special repairs, their Website find it here for more info.

Dyno on nitrous/C16

Cutouts open vs. closed

The Numbers

  • 803whp on 93 oct w/meth
  • 1306whp on nitrous C16
  • 93/meth tune and C16 tune (for nitrous) included on handheld tuner/logger

What’s Included

  • ADV.1 Wheels with Nitto tires (90% tread left)
  • Stock polished wheels included
  • Powder coated satin black 17” Welds included (w/M&H 275’s)
  • Stock 3.73 rear diff included (1/4 mile setup)
  • 3.23 rear diff installed (1/2 mile setup)
  • Brand new rear struts
  • Freshly rebuilt Alky Control Meth Pump
  • Freshly rebuilt RPS clutch (new carbon plates and new design hub)
  • All nitrous and fueling jets included

My Personal Bests

  • 178.00mph 1/2 mile – GA wannaGOFAST 2016 Spring (top 5 fastest in the world and now capable of 184mph)
  • 10.08 @ 150.48mph – (now capable of mid 9’s at 160mph) I have only taken this to the 1/4 once on stock axles. It has a lot more in it there.

Motor Build (less than 5k miles on new motor) Done by LME

  • Stock Cube LSA Core
  • Stock LSA Crank
  • Diamond Pistons – Armor Coated and Flat Top for 10.1:1 Compression (up a point from stock) – Modified for LSA Piston Squirters
  • Callies LS Ultra H Beam Connecting Rods
  • Clevite Main and Rod Bearings
  • ARP Stud Kit
  • Custom Grind Billet Cam from VR
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • Morel Lifters
  • WCCH CNC Stage 2 Heads
  • Comp Trunion Kit
  • VR Hardened Push Rods
  • Vengeance Racing .660 lift Dual Spring Kit with Ti Retainers
  • C5R Timing Chain
  • LS7 Timing Gear
  • Ls2 Dogbone Timing Damper
  • ARP Cam Bolts


  • ECS Heat Exchanger
  • Aldo Welds CTSV Trunk Mount HX Tank with install kit 845.00 845.00T
  • Aldo Welds CTSV Dedicated Fuel Cell (under hood)
  • KPE Intake
  • Dual Nozzle Alky Single Nossil Mth Kit
  • fuelinjectorconnection.com 850cc Bosch Injectors
  • Dedicated Motorsports Fuel System
  • American Racing 2″ Longtubes with Catless X-Pipe
  • VR Plug Wire Insulators
  • Metco 10 Bolt SC Hub
  • Metco 2.55″ Upper Pulley
  • LPE 18% Overdrive Pulley
  • ATI Damper
  • 102mm Nick Williams TB
  • VR Catch Can that vents in front bumper
  • Vengeance Racing Ported Snout
  • Vengeance Racing Ported Blower
  • DMH Electronic Cutouts
  • Nitrous Outlet ZL1 Lid with 300 shot jets, single stage.
  • Vengeance Racing custom dual nitrous bottle mount
  • Standalone Fuel System
  • Lingenfelter RPM Limiter Timing Retard Launch Controller LSA & LS9 Engines
  • NOS Progressive Controller
  • Nitrous Outlet CTS-V Switch Panel
  • Misc Support Parts
  • ECU Tuning by Vengeance Racing
  • Stock 3.73 gear for 1/4 mile and auto 3.23 gear for DD and 1/2 mile


  • RPS Street Slayer Triple Carbon Clutch
  • DSS Stage 5 Axles
  • Core Short Shifter


  • ADV.1 ADV6.2 Track Spec SL’s in Matte Black Face w/Gloss Black Lip and Barrel
  • 17″ Weld Racing Rears Powder Coated Satin Black
  • Eibach Coupe Spring (fronts cut 5″)
  • R1 Concepts Premium Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • Hawk HP Plus Pads
  • ZR1 Blue Powdercoated Calipers
  • 20% Ceramic tint all around


  • Pioneer AppRadio
  • Metra CTS-V Kit
  • Steering Wheel Control Module
  • Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3
  • Alpine PDX-F4
  • Alpine PDX-V9
  • Scanspeak Discovery 10F 4″ Midrange
  • DLS Iridium 8 – 8″ midbasses
  • Vifa 1″ silk dome tweeters (in custom fiberglassed a-pillars
  • JPM Coachworks shift knob and shift boot (black Alcantara/blue stitching)
  • JPM Coachworks steering wheel (black Alcantara/blue stitching)
  • JPM Coachworks armrests (black Alcantara/blue stitching)
  • JPM Coachworks gauge hood (black Alcantara/blue stitching)
  • DashCommand Data Monitoring through the AppRadio
  • Dynamat installed in entire interior
  • XSPower Battery


  • Chrome window trim vinyl covered with satin black
  • Satin black painted grey plastic pieces and front lip
  • Satin black painted rear chrome trim
  • Gloss vinyl wrapped and black Plastidip front grill
  • Tinted rear tail lights
  • Satin black painted chrome headlights
  • New 5k HID bulbs

As you guys can probably imagine…this isn’t an easy decision for me. It is time though and I hope the new owner can have as much fun with her as I did. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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