How I Make Money Online

by Robb Sutton

Every blogger out there is looking for a new and exciting way to make money online and quit that 9-5 (actually the 7-6 these days…) they love to hate so much. Here is how I make my money online so hopefully you can grab up a little online income for yourself as well.

Multiple Sites

I have multiple sites throughout the net that increases my span and diversifies my income through multiple streams. I would highly recommend focuses on two blogs at a time to insure that you are bringing in multiple forms of income if you are really planning on making a run at the dot com lifestyle. You can find all of the links in the oneninety8 blog network in the footer.

Review Product

Mountain Biking by 198 pulls in thousands in review product every month and most of that product is kept for site use or sale. In the past 15 months, I have seen over $100,000 dollars worth of review product come through the doors for the sole purpose of product reviews. As the blog continues to increase its scope on the internet…that number continues to climb faster. If you want to do the same thing with your blog…I suggest picking up a copy of Ramped Reviews to get the inside track on how it all happens. I am even give 10 dollars off via a coupon code for the next 1,000 copies (coupon code 198).

Google AdsSense

Google AdSenseSad but true…Google AdSense still pays pretty well if you have the traffic. If you do not have a lot of traffic at this point in time, I would stay away from AdSense as you can make a lot more through one affiliate sale than the cents per click on AdSense. As you get more traffic, you can experiment with AdSense and see if it works in your niche. Typically, the image ads pay out and convert the best, so – for this reason – the 300×250 ad spots seem to bring in the most income on my blogs.

eBook Sales and Promotion

I make money online several ways through my eBook sales of Ramped Reviews and embedded affiliate links in those eBooks. If you have an original idea that will bring a large return for the purchaser, you can charge for your eBook and make money off of that direct sale like I have with Ramped Reviews. If you have original thoughts that can really help your readers and you need to start growing your email list, give the eBook away for newsletter subscribers and embed you affiliate links throughout the eBook. Even better yet…do both! By teaching people how to do things better in your niche blogging topic, you will make more money and see more success. Basically, the more success you breed…the more success you will see. Informational products are still one of the top ways to make money online directly and indirectly for most bloggers.

I highly recommend using Aweber for all of your newsletter lead capturing and promotion. They will let you try it out for two weeks for a dollar…hard to pass that offer up. It has increased the income on my blogs and created passive income more than any other asset.

Affiliate Sales

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made online through affiliate sales. My Mountain Biking by 198 blog brings in affiliate sale income every day through the use of banner advertisements and product reviews. Product reviews are – by far – the best way to drive affiliate sales and make money on your blog.

Affiliate Companies I Use

Almost every product or service on the market has an affiliate program. If you can not find one…ask the company in question and they might be able to work out a private program. If you are not tapping into the affiliate market on your blog…you are just throwing money out the window. Are you using a WordPress theme like the Thesis Theme that has an affiliate program? Sign up and show off your design…you will get high paying affiliate revenue.

I would highly recommend using the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin if you are planning on running multiple affiliate deals (which you should be!). It will make your life much easier as you need to change links over time and it masks your affiliate links with a much prettier URL on your blog. That plugin has paid for itself time and time again.

Direct Advertising

I use OIOPublisher to handle my direct advertising sales and it works perfectly (10 bucks off in the month of April with coupon code BLOOM-198). As you go out and attract direct advertisers to your blog, it is going to be important that you keep your branding consistent by letting these companies purchase the ad spots straight off your site. OIOPublisher allows them to do this and it automatically updates your site. The trick with direct advertising on your blog is finding that price that companies are willing to pay. Through testing, you will find that sweet spot, but it is also a great idea to check out your competition with similar traffic numbers to see the revenue they are pulling in per month for advertising on their blog. That will at least give you a starting point to work with.

Other Ways To Make Money Online

Here are a couple of other companies to check out and test on your blogs. Just because they didn’t pay out as high as I would have liked on my blog…does not mean they will not work for you. It is worth signing up and testing before you make the decision as testing is the only way to insure that you are monetizing your blog to its fullest extent.

Videoegg – Video ads that play when the reader clicks on them. Paid per action. Check out Videoegg

Market Leverage – Affiliate advertising opportunities with high payouts that may work in your niche. Check out Market Leverage

AzoogleAds – Another affiliate marketing company that is worth checking out for deals in your niche. Check out AzoogleAds

Chitika – Search based advertising that has been incredible in the tech industry. Displays results based on keywords entered from your search engine visitors. Check out Chitika

TTZ Media – Another tech based ad network. Check out TTZ Media