Time to get traffic!!! You have a shinny new blog with some great content thanks to the How To Start A Blog Series. Things are great…everything looks good…and the tumbleweed is rolling across your blog like a deserted ghost town. What the hell happened? I did everything you said. I setup a WordPress blog, I got the right design for my needs and I put up some sticky content that is helpful…why am I not seeing any traffic? This is ridiculous!!!

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Now we are at the meat and potatoes of blogging…your blog articles and content. At this point in the How To Start A Blog series, you have everything pretty much setup minus your sidebar and miscellaneous design items. Now – we need to get into producing quality content on your blog by writing articles that your readers are going to soak up like cold water on a hot summer day. Quality content is your blog’s foundation. Without these engaging articles and posts, you have nothing but graphics on a screen. There have been extremely well designed sites that failed miserably because all the focus was on plugins, design and other non-important items that – in the end – do not keep readers on your page. Your content is the #1 most important part of your blogging. Without compelling content…you are just wasting your time. Continue reading How To Write Quality Blog Articles and Content

For the next step in setting up your WordPress blog, we are going to publish a couple of pages. The pages of your WordPress blog perform very specific functions that need to be at the forefront at all times. While articles are commented on and published on a regular basis, your pages that you setup for your blog will rarely change over time.

These pages will be featured at the top of your blog in your navigation so that the information contained within these pages can be easily accessible by all readers.

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Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog can be one of the most confusing and fun parts about blogging. Unfortunately, most beginning bloggers spend so much time deciding on a theme that they are wasting valuable time that could be spent on content production and promotion.

Choosing and modifying a WordPress theme can be a HUGE time suck, so I am going to try to help you out here and cut down on your theme choosing period so you can get back to building your blog. Let’s get several questions covered so you can figure out what the right plan of action is for your blog. Continue reading WordPress Themes: Choosing The Right Theme For Your Blog