Connecting With Blog Readers by Painting a Picture

by Robb Sutton

Why do your blog readers read your blog? It can be one or all of several reasons; they might want to learn something you are proficient in, they may be looking for entertainment, they might be in search of that next great item that they need to spend their hard earned cash on…but what I have found most intriguing is that the vast majority of blog readers read your blog to get a connection. They want to connect with the blogger and enjoy, feel and see everything that the blogger is experiencing. This personal connection keeps your readers coming back for more content time and time again. The more you can connect with your blog readers…on a personal level…the more successful your blog will be.

So how can you connect with your blog readers?

It is said time and time again…”the mind is a beautiful thing to waste”. Remember when you were younger and your imagination ran wild? You would play war, doctor, dolls or any other imaginary world that you decided that day. Your imagination would be so vivid that you would swear that you are actually a knight watching and engaging in the battle played out in front of you.

As we get older in life, we tend to let that imagination and creativity slip in favor of more responsible thinking and sometimes arrogance. We look at imagination as a kids game and forget the innocence and joy that went along with creating pictures and ideas in our minds. As you begin to try to really engage your blog readers and create a bond with those that want to drink up your content on a daily basis, I challenge you to stretch your imagination and create a picture and inspire feelings within the minds of your readers.

As a blogger, we have our words and imaginations to spread to the outside world. We can bring back those feelings and mental images through pictures, videos and words on a page. Your challenge…as the blogger…is to convert your thoughts and feelings on to your blog in a way that your readers can actually feel and picture your exact thoughts and feelings.

When you make this connection with your readers, you create a bond that goes beyond marketing and pageviews. You create a reader that will spread your words faster than you can even imagine. How do the top bloggers in the world grow their sites to epic proportions? They paint a picture in the minds of their readers that they too can accomplish the same goals that the blogger has set for himself. They can visualize the light at the end of the tunnel by watching and feeling the success of others.

When you draft your next blog post, challenge yourself to really bring the words off the page and visualize your readers mind as they absorb your content. The more you can paint a picture and generate feelings within your readers, the more success you will see.

Image by pedrosimoes7

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Mike May 7, 2009 - 11:33 pm

Great post. I’m going to work on that challenge in my next post. I’ve already been trying to use less words like “was” and trying better to describe the action, but I think I have a long way to go.

Robb Sutton May 8, 2009 - 6:42 am

@ Mike

With your coffee blog, it will be really important to be as descriptive as you can about taste, smell, etc. You really want your readers to feel like they are experiencing the coffee like you are!


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