1st Step to Success: Believe In Yourself

by Robb Sutton

I don’t care who you are or what you are doing. If you are a blogger, mother, business executive or bum on the street, you are not going to be successful at anything until you start believing in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself and your own abilities, you are immediately stunting your growth. Your self doubt and low self worth will spread like the plague as you continue to beat your head against a wall in search of ultimate success…only to find failure.

This is all easy to say, but having the hardcore belief that not only you can…but you will accomplish your goals is not an easy task. Everything in this world is weighted against you. Throughout your entire life, you have been graded, ranked and put in line. The media has put bad news in front of the good. You have been convinced that you are just another number in society and that one person can not enact change. You are left up to your own vices to develop the self awareness that will bring you to new levels of success. No one is going to step up and hand you the self confidence you need to succeed. It has to come from within your heart and soul as you walk the treacherous path of self fulfillment.

Believing In Yourself and Blogging

Typical blogging niches are flooded with new, eager bloggers every day that all think blogging is the new wave of internet wealth. What they…and most bloggers…do not realize is that the wave of exponential wealth in a short amount of time is gone. In place of that wave is a much more stable business model that may or may not be as new and exciting.

The problem arises when you see little to no results in your first 6 months. You start to doubt your ideas and your goals. Maybe you were wrong…maybe your content and ideas just are not good enough…maybe those other successful bloggers are lying and this really is not possible to do. Of course, you would be wrong on all counts, but your mind is telling you otherwise and you are believing it.

You need to have the self awareness to believe in yourself and your ideas to make it as a blogger. Readers are not attracted to self doubt and uneasiness. They want a blogger that is going to stand up for them and their own ideals. They want to connect with a secure foundation as they walk down the exact same road you are. They want to walk (and sometimes run) hand in hand with the blogger as they can start to see the gains…which are sometimes really small…in their own blogging and life.

Does this mean you can not have any mistakes in your blogging? Absolutely not. You need to also believe in yourself enough to know that you are going to have more mistakes than successes throughout your blogging career. It is having the confidence that you can learn from your mistakes and celebrate them. Bring your mistakes out into the open and show how they were overcome with hard work and dedication. I have said this before and I will say it again…perfection is boring. By overcoming your mistakes…you are human and therefor you can connect.

As You Go Through Life and Blogging…

…believe that you can make it. This can be harder for some than others, and I am not advocating a gigantic ego. I am simply stating that you need to truly believe…from the depths of your soul…that you can make it. It is going to take hard work, there are going to be road blocks on the way, but you will push through and use the hard times as learning experiences and capitalize on successes. To even start this road to success…you must first believe that it is possible for you. Lend yourself a hand…because you too can be a success…

“Lend Yourself a Hand” by * Photos by Chris M *

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