It’s Been A Week

I wasn’t really looking forward to this week to begin with. I had my MRI scheduled for Tuesday and the follow up for Friday to figure out the next steps. While it is progress…it is still nothing but bad news. It’s either my life is just going to be like this moving forward or I am going to have a serious surgery to try to make it better. So like I said…all bad news in the attempt to make it better. Is what it is…

Then Sunday happened.

I was afraid this was going to happen ever since “it happened”. I am compensating for my leg by using my right leg more than I should. I am bearing more weight on it and it is having to take more of the work load because of the injuries on the left. I went mountain biking with my son in the morning and everything was fine. When we got home, I started replacing the outside light bulbs. Should be an easy job right?

I stepped off the front porch about a foot and a half. The mulch was uneven due to the rain we have been having lately and my ankle rolled. That wouldn’t normally be a big deal but since I am putting all of my weight on my good leg…it was. Luckily, I didn’t tear any ligaments all the way through. I did partially tear several. I’ll be in a boot for a couple of weeks but it should be fine after that.

So here I come…limping into the MRI appointment that at the Hawks facility.

I can’t help but think about the fact that he is enjoying his life right now claiming “insanity” now while I am in a tube with a messed up ankle and a destroyed left leg. Long term it doesn’t look good and I’m not sure if it can get better. We are doing everything we can but all of the solutions are not fun at all. Hopefully we will have some answers on Friday.

What I really want is closure. I want to know that he is paying for what he did. It’s really hard to try to move on and deal with the mental and physical aspects of this without justice. He gets 3 lawyers…we get nothing but more crap.

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