I have been Robbed…

Unfortunately that isn’t a play on words.

Because of the actions of one man, I have lost years of progression on the goals I have had for our family. I am not alone in this. The same goes for my wife and that ultimately affects our son as well.

We have had to put our professional and personal goals on hold to heal, recover and regroup. There was nothing we did wrong. In fact…we were trying to live the way we thought we should and help. That doesn’t stop bad people from being bad though. It also doesn’t stop them from taking responsibility for their actions.

This is the one thing I really struggle with talking about. The injuries, surgeries, recovery, the daily routine that is different, the fact that I can’t go to my own son’s baseball games again, my wife is having to take on a bigger role in the house again…the list goes on and is typical of any injury or life changing event families go through…

The hardest part. He is taking years away from our lives where we could be doing better for ourselves and our family. During a time we could be taking more risk for more reward? Done. Can’t. Looking at furthering our careers to have a better future? On hold. We have to stick with what we have right now to get through the mess of getting through a situation that shouldn’t even be reality.

I am turning 40 this year. This is the time in my life where I should be at the prime of my professional life and should be enjoying the best of being a dad watching my son grow up. These are the years that are big foundation years for building the family that you ultimately want to have.

The hardest part isn’t the recovery. It isn’t actually every thing we are going through. It is the fact that every thing we are going through is because we were trying to help someone. It wasn’t a dumb decision I made in a car or on a bike.

It wasn’t just some “accident” where there is no one to blame. There is someone to blame. And we were trying to help him…and he doesn’t give a shit. Neither does his family. We are just supposed to be another bump in the road that they want to cover up. He gets to steal years of my family’s life and try to act like it isn’t a big deal. That’s pretty messed up…

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