Traxxas Spartan RC Boat – 50+ MPH on the WATER!

Daniel and I shot some video of the Traxxas Spartan RC boat on Lake Lanier in Georgia. The Traxxas Spartan features multiple battery options that achieve different speed levels through the internal brushless motor. 

With the 7.4v batteries we currently have installed, it will get to 35+ MPH easily but it lasts a lot longer (7,400mAh) than the 11.1v batteries that reach the 50+ MPH top speed (only 5,000mAh).

In this video we have my son (6 years old at the time of shooting the video) drive the boat in a cove and then I take over to drive the Traxxas Spartan behind our Centurion wake boat. 

It is awesome how stable and easy the boat is to drive in rough water. 

Traxxas Spartan RC Boat –
Traxxas 7.4v batteries with charger –
Traxxas 7.4v batteries –
Traxxas 11.1v batteries with charger –
Traxxas 11.1v batteries –

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