The Truth About Standing Desks – Do they help?

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Today we are looking at the 5 proven reasons you need to incorporate a standing desk into your work routine. There are several very beneficial byproducts of changing your work routine from sitting all day long to changing things up throughout the day by standing while working at your desk. If you want a quality standing desk for your basic needs, FlexiSpot E5 would be a budget-friendly option for you. and if you are the one who pursue extreme stability, go check their E7 and you won’t regret this investment.

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Video Transcription

Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Robb Sutton. We’re back here with another video today. So today we’re actually going to talk about the overall benefits that you can find from incorporating a standing desk into your office setup. And we’re also going to go into maybe some of the drawbacks that you might see as well. And we’re going to do that all while featuring this E5 standing desk from FlexiSpot. So let’s get out.

5 Benefits to Standing Desks

So there are five key benefits that I see by incorporating a standing desk into your workflow. And what I’ll do is actually provide the links to the studies down in the description below. So you can read those for yourself as well. So let’s go ahead and get into those benefits.

First off, and it’s kind of an obvious one, you are going to burn more calories standing up than you will be sitting down all week long. And in recent studies, they found that you burn on average about a thousand more calories a week using a standing desk versus sitting down all day. So if you’re looking at just being a little bit healthier throughout the day, incorporating a standing desk into your routine really can help you out by just burning off a little bit extra calories for no real extra work.

And then number two, you can actually lower your risk for heart disease. There have been a lot of studies that have been coming out lately showing how bad it is for your body and your overall heart health to be sitting all day long, five days a week. So by incorporating a standing desk into your routine, you can actually reduce your risk for heart disease pretty significantly depending on which study you read. There have been some recent studies that suggest that you are at risk by 145% more for heart disease if you are sitting all day long. So having a standing desk in your office can actually reduce that risk and promote better heart health.

And number three, you can actually reduce neck and lower back pain. Sitting all day long is really stressful for your neck and your lower back. So standing throughout the day, you can actually reduce some of that. And some studies have seen after four weeks of using a standing desk, your actual improvement for neck and lower back pain is about 54%.So it’s something to think about if you’re someone like me who actually has lower disc pain issues, of using a desk like this actually can reduce your pain over the course of the workday.

And then the fourth thing, and this is actually kind of a personal favorite of mine because it works out really well, it can reduce boredom and work fatigue. And what I mean by that is there are days if I’m sitting in my chair for over an hour doing the same task over and over again, it gets really mundane and boring. And I can find that my motivation to complete tax actually goes down. So by standing some throughout the day and changing my environment that I’m working in, I actually find that I’m more motivated and get more accomplished throughout the day. So if you’re someone like me that finds yourself getting really bored throughout the day, just because you’re sitting all day long, incorporating a standing desk can really kind of motivate you to changing that environment and getting more done.

And then the fifth one, which is actually a really big deal to me is that it actually increases blood flow and reduces the risk for blood clots. I actually had a really significant injury to my left leg, so I’m at risk for clots and already have blood flow issues to begin with. And even if I’m on an airplane, I have to get up every hour and walk around because of that risk. So by incorporating a standing desk into my office, I’m able to do that throughout the day without having to just remind myself to get up and walk around. I can actually keep on getting things done while decreasing that risk and increasing my blood flow.

The Flexispot E5 Pro Standing Desk

So before we get into the drawbacks of using a standing desk, let’s talk about this E5 from FlexiSpot specifically. What I really liked about this E5 is how stable it is. FlexiSpot really brags on the fact that their desks are extremely stable. They even have a video out there of a coin standing on the desk as it was actually operating up and down. And this desk specifically can also handle 278 pounds. So with this desk, you get this controller right here where you can actually put in three programmable presets. It also has a timer on it that you can set from zero to 99 seconds to actually remind you to stand up throughout the day, which is a pretty cool feature I haven’t had on any of my other standing desks in the past. It also has a sensor in it that if the desk is lowering, it will automatically stop if an object moves out from underneath it, which is great if you have small kids or dogs that tend to run around the desk at times. This is a dual motor setup that is extremely quiet and smooth operating.

This desk also has an adjustable height range of 24.4 inches all the way to 50 inches. And what this means is that it can accommodate people’s heights from four, six, all the way up to six, seven. That really works out well for me because I’m six too and I’m not even tapping this desk out. And what you will notice is even when you put this desk at its extreme height, it’s still incredibly stable to work on, which is a great feature of a standing desk when you want to use it a lot in the standing position. It is also very easy to assemble. When you get it in, there’s a great instruction manual, all the tools included that you need and everything’s pre-drilled. So really it’s kind of just a set down, drill down and get it done. I had this desk assembled very quickly, even having to move the camera around to capture some of the experience.

So with the E5, they also sent in their cable management tray, their desk shelf, and their dual arm monitor setup. The cable management tray is great to have because you really need to tuck all of the wires that you’re using for your computer setup up underneath the desk. There’s nothing worse than pulling up a desk to standing height and seeing nothing but wires dangling down. So that tray works out really well to tuck all those wires up underneath and keep them out of sight. The dual monitor arm is a very stable dual monitor setup that is easy to move around and set the monitors exactly where you need them. You can even twist them to go vertical or freely move them around throughout your day, depending on what you’re working on.

The desk shelf is also a nice addition. If you have to have a lot of things on your desk, it gives you just an extra layer of storage that you can put your laptops and other accessories and keep them out of the way on the desk.

Now, if you’re needing to hold even more weight, you can up to the E7, which will actually hold up to 355 pounds. And I will go ahead and link them down in the description below as well. So you can go through the website and see how you can figure a desk for your exact needs.

Drawbacks to Using A Standing Desk?

All right, so now that we’ve talked about the E5 and the benefits, what about the downsides of actually using a standing desk in your office setup? And the first one, you can actually get knee and foot pain. Just like you can get lower back pain and neck pain when you’re sitting for too long, you can get knee and foot pain when you’ve been standing in one spot for too long. So it’s a good idea to get moving around a little bit or go to a sitting position for a little while to make sure that you’re not just standing stagnant in one place all the time.

And number two, there are certain tasks that just aren’t as good standing up. If you’re working on some kind of creative project that’s really detail-oriented, it’s not as easy to do standing. So it’s better to sit in those situations than it is to stand. So if you’re working on those kind of projects for a long time throughout the day, you might just need to remind yourself to get up and stand up and walk around a little bit because it’s going to be easier to do some of those tasks while in the seated position.

So guys, I wanna hear what you think. Are using a standing desk in your setup at your office? What kind of benefits have you seen in your workday by using one? Hit up the comment section below and I’ll try to respond to as many of those as I can. So guys, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to Rob Sutton for more videos like this in the future. And until then, on the next one. Thanks guys, see ya. (upbeat music)

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