My 3 Lens Setup for the Sony A7iii Full Frame Camera

As most of you know, when Sony released the A7 Mark iii…I decided to switch from my tried and true Canon 5D Mark III setup and jump on the  Sony mirrorless bandwagon. I had been using Canon for over 5 years but the value proposition that Sony made with this last release made it so I just couldn’t ignore mirrorless anymore. Since it doesn’t look like either Canon or Nikon are going to have anything that remotely competes in this market any time soon…I put up all of my Canon gear for sale.

My Sony A7iii Lens Setup

The ultimate goal with my new setup was to keep it lightweight and portable while still having the same coverage that I had with my Canon. I didn’t see any real reason to get a lighter, smaller camera body and then weigh it down with the biggest and heaviest lenses available from Sony so here is the setup I ended up ultimately going with.

Sony Zeiss 16-35mm/f4 Wide Angle Lens

First, I needed a wide angle lens to replace the 17-40mm/f4 that I had with the Canon. Obviously the G Master 16-35mm/f2.8 would be a great option but it was very big and heavy. The Zeiss 16-35mm/f4 was a more compact and lighter package and all I would really be losing was the wider 2.8 aperture for lower light situations. Other than vlogging, I really wouldn’t miss that feature all that much. For general photography and landscapes it would be perfect and a lot more portable. With wide angle lenses…you aren’t going to get a lot of depth of field anyway.

Sony 50mm/f1.8 Prime Lens

The Sigma 50mm/1.4 ART lens was one of my favorite lenses of all time but it was HUGE for a 50mm prime. In the interest of a light setup, I went with the fantastic plastic this time around with the Sony 50mm. The focusing can be a little loud but it is a great, cheap lens that is really small and perfect to walk around with. Eventually, I will be adding another ART prime but for now this one works out great for my needs.

Sony 70-200mm/f4 G Series Telephoto Lens

To replace the 70-200mm/f2.8 IS II I had with Canon, I stepped back down the F4 variant. I found that I didn’t use the 2.8 aperture as much as I thought I would on the Canon and the dynamic range and low light performance of the Sony A7iii is so good that the one stop isn’t as big of a deal in more challenging light. The F4 G Series is a fantastic lens in a much lighter package.

So this is the setup I am using currently and while it may change or get added to over time…I find it to work perfectly for 90% of what I shoot on a regular basis. Be sure to watch the video above for more information on the lens setup for my Sony A7iii and hit up the comments section if you have any questions.

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