Morning Sickness: Awesome! Well not really…

The 1st trimester is full of unexpected surprises. You hear about these surprises from friends, family and even on TV, but the full force of the 1st trimester symptoms don’t hit home until…well…they hit home.

You are on a high the first couple of weeks when you find out you are pregnant. It is awesome! Then…this gift you have been given starts equaling extreme exhaustion and feeling like crap. Thanks! We are so excited! So here we are in our 10th week of pregnancy sick as a dog…and everyone is happy as hell about it. Ironic right?

Every Pregnancy Is Different

From what I can gather from everything I hear, morning sickness is one of those pregnancy miracles that completely varies depending upon the woman and sometimes pregnancy to pregnancy. Unluckily for my wife, it is hitting her pretty hard right now but that is a great sign of things to come.

The doctors office put her on Zofran to help…and it has…to a point. At least now she can keep something down other than crackers in between naps.

For my super productive, organized wife, the debilitating tiredness and gut wrenching nausea is hard to handle. We have had to have a couple of those “take it easy” conversations and it doesn’t help she is scheduled to take her PE exam (huge thing for an engineer) and she is still working full time. Just tying all of that exhausts me and I’m not cooking up a baby!

Morning Sickness! Awesome!

The flip side to this entire situation is that strong symptoms  at this stage in the game is a good thing. With everything we have been through up until this point we’ll take the negative side affects if that means everything is happy and healthy. It is hilarious (at least to me) when my wife says, “I feel like crap” and everyone we come in contact with says “That’s awesome!”.

I really feel bad for my wife through this. I can’t imagine how it feels to be like this 24/7 and she keeps on saying “I’m sorry”. It’s not her fault. We’re pregnant! Woohoo!

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