I Know It’s Early, But I Bought The Baby It’s First Present

After we got done with the 8 week ultrasound and heard the babies heart beat for the first time, my wife went back to work and I went home to marinate over what actually just happened. It was a bit of shock honestly. With everything that had happened previously…we were a little hesitant to get excited…but now we had something we could really hold onto.

I wanted to do something for my wife to celebrate the day and the great news we had just received. With this news…it was time to get excited! I headed over to Buy Buy Baby and just started walking around. If you can’t find something in there…you are walking with your eyes closed. As I was walking, I was trying to figure out what I could get my wife…and then it hit me.

If you get something for the baby, it will be for my wife and the soon to be new addition! Not only that, but it will forever mark the day we heard the babies heartbeat for the first time.

So I continued walking around looking for the perfect first present for my unborn kid. Then I saw it…the moose.

It was perfect. This little, stuffed, rattling moose chew toy caught my eye and that was it. I figured if I think something is that cute…my wife and the kid will love it right?! I bought the moose and brought it home ready to surprise my wife when she got home from work.

When she walked in the door later that afternoon, she was on the phone, so I sat there with the moose behind my back ready to surprise her once she got done with a conversation with her mom. Hans, our male Boxer, suddenly figured out that I had a stuffed animal behind my back and started to go for it blowing my cover! I pulled it out from behind my back to keep him from grabbing and running off with it and Jenn fell in love.

I was right. She loved it and now our baby has its first official toy marked by the day we heard the heartbeat for the first time.

Little Things Make Big Differences

From what I have found, the first trimester in pregnancy can be pretty rough on a woman. The quick excitement of finding out you are pregnant is met with being extremely tired and fighting off morning sickness. Not exactly your “woohoo I’m pregnant” moment. Women struggle with being excited when they basically feel like crap for the first 12 weeks of this blessing.

The more I try to bring in little things…the more it keeps the excitement up about the journey we are undertaking.

I can’t blame her at all. I wouldn’t be too happy either if I was feeling nauseated, sore and falling asleep at 7:30 at night, but moments like these mean a lot as we continue to move forward. Through this process, I am coming to the quick realization that my job in this process is not over with conception. It has now moved onto making life easier for my wife as she grows a little person.

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