eBook Review: Twitter Dummy – Guide To Increasing Followers and Making Money

John Paul over at johnpaulaguiar.com hit me up last week and asked if I would take a look over his new eBook, Twitter Dummy, and review it here on RobbSutton.com. As a friend and loyal reader of this site, I jumped at the chance to take a look. Twitter Dummy is John’s new eBook on the tips and practices to grow your Twitter following and…in turn…grow traffic to you blog, company or whatever else you are promoting on or off line. Titled as “the only Twitter guide you will ever need”, Twitter Dummy has a tall order to fill to be the do-it-all Twitter guide…so let’s take a look inside…

First…Who Is John Paul?

John Paul blogs over at johnpaulaguiar.com, but…more importantly…what gives him the right to educated on Twitter? First, John has a sizeable Twitter following at over 35,000 as I write this. Furthermore, he is not following more than that to get that number. While this can be accomplished through automated script programs, from what I can see…he is actually engaging with his audience and they are engaging back. So…at least you do not have to worry if this is another one of those “I’ll help you get xx,xxx followers in xx days…but I don’t even have xxx followers!” gimmicks. He is talking the talk on Twitter and it shows through his profile.

Twitter Dummy eBook Review

Twitter Dummy is 37 pages on everything about Twitter. It will take you from setting up a Twitter account to interacting with followers and actually finding those followers. What I do find refreshing within the pages of Twitter Dummy is that John stays on the straight and narrow track as it pertains to spamming on Twitter. He definitely shows that the conservative approach to Twitter marketing still works when done correctly. John goes through the motions of showing you exactly how he grew a sizable, targeted Twitter following that brings traffic to his blog and related products.

There is a lot of emphasis on creating value for your followers and that part I really liked. He goes into extreme detail about how to provide that value and why it works on Twitter. He gives examples on self promotion and  the proper techniques that will not put off your followers and ways to bring them to your content.

Going through the eBook…I picked up about a half dozen Twitter tools and sites that I didn’t even know about that are going to drastically improve my Twitter experience. Kind of one of those…”just when you thought you had seen everything…you are surprised”. Well…going through Twitter Dummy opened my eyes to several more off-Twitter areas I need to look into to provide more value and find more targeted Twitter users to follow. There were also several techniques that I hadn’t considered using specific Tweet urls to drive traffic to my profile that I am going to start using now.

Is this 37 page eBook worth the $25 dollar price of admission?

It depends. Like most eBooks on the market, it will be invaluable for some and probably not worth it for others. There are a lot of people I follow on Twitter (and won’t be for much longer if they don’t change) that need to read this eBook just for the holistic and honest approach John takes with Twitter. Their results would skyrocket if they changed their Tweeting habits.

If you are in the camp that is still saying “I don’t get Twitter”…you should pick up a copy right now and get to work. It will spell it all out for you in a way you can understand so that you can start using Twitter as a viable social media asset.

If you are struggling figuring out how to use Twitter for your blog or gain followers in your niche, Twitter Dummy will show you how to find followers without any scripts or spammy tactics.

If you are an experienced Twitter user with a sizable following that is actually interacting with you, the beginning info and explanations will probably not be for you.

Pick up your own copy of Twitter Dummy by clicking here.

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