Best and Cheapest Battery | Sony A7 III

When I bought the Sony A7iii I was really surprised to see the replacement / accessory batteries were $85 a piece! Since I travel a lot and shoot a lot of video, it is important that I have a couple of charged batteries laying around ready to go.

The search for a better A7 iii battery option

I did some searching around and came across this 2 battery and charger setup on Amazon for the same price as just one of the Sony batteries. The charger was an added bonus as the A7iii does not come with a charger…you charge the batteries directly in the camera body. I figured that even if one of them didn’t work, I was still ahead of the game.

They came in from Amazon and fast forward over a month later…they are working perfectly. The battery life matches that of the genuine Sony battery and there are zero compatibility issues. See more on this setup in the video above and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section.

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