Why You MUST Mix Other Articles With Product Reviews

Starting to right review posts on your product based niche blog? Great! I am going to digress here for a short time to explain the importance of editorial articles and how to posts, and how they directly compliment your reviews. Product reviews are an incredible source of organic search engine traffic, blog revenue, free review product and reader engagement. Some would argue that you can create an entire blog around review articles alone, but I am going to explain to you why this is not the route I would take.

What is your goal?

Is your goal to create a long lasting relationship with your readers and grow subscribers? If it is…you need to provide more worth to your readers than just product review articles. The easiest way to accomplish this is through how-to’s, your first hand experiences and editorials.

How-To Articles

Writing how-to articles engage your readers through learning. If you can teach your subscriber base how to do something related to your niche better, differently or in a way they never thought of before, they will come back to your site in search of more useful information.

  • How to become a better basket weaver.
  • How to make that old car look new again.
  • How to run faster and feel healthier.
  • How to attract more subscribers.

All of these examples provide answers to possible questions your readers may have. Conducting a simple poll on your blog is also a fantastic way to get real time feedback on the kinds of how-to articles you should be writing. When you compliment these how-to articles with product reviews, you have a more complete solution to your reader’s problem. They not only know what they want to buy, but they know how to use it more effectively. It is a win/win situation for you and your audience.

Write About Your First Hand Experience

You should be blogging and writing product review articles around a niche that you are directly involved with. Since you are self absorbed with your subject, you have first hand experiences with it on a regular basis.

Share these first hand experiences! It shows your readers some insight about how you actually enjoy what you are blogging about. This provides valuable content that is extremely easy to write. More importantly, it gives you more credibility in your blogging by adding a personal touch to your writing.

If you are writing about living a healthier life, share your experiences, weight loss and personal achievements in your blog. You will be surprised how much feedback you get from readers as they go through the same obstacles. Want even more traffic and reader feedback? Share your failures…people learn from others mistakes. It also brings your blog down to your reader on a much more personal level.

Bringing in more personal facts and figures is something that a lot of bloggers shy away from. I believe they don’t want that much of their personal information public, but most of the most successful bloggers lay it all out there. Your readers want to interact with you.

Using video, pictures and other media sources solidify this as well.


These can be guest posts or your random thoughts. Either way, simple editorial posts on your subject provide content. Often times, I will also lump press releases into this category just to give my readers an idea of what is going on in the industry.


As you can already see, the goal here is to diversify your writing. The more solutions you can offer to your readers problems, the faster you will grow with your subscriber base and organic traffic.

The bottom line…product reviews are great, but they can take a long time to prepare and they require proper testing before completion. You need to be able to fill the space in between with credible and useful information for your readers. Adding the personal touch and insight into your life will make the results come at a much faster rate. Do not be scared to open up…the rewards are significant.

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