This Time It's Serious…MacBook Pro and iPhone 3G

A lot has changed in the past year. With Mountain Biking by 198 taking off like Kudzu, I needed to take a new approach to my computing. When I looked for a new mobile computing platform, there was only one option…the MacBook Pro. I have never personally owned a Windows based PC…they have always been Macs with the occasional work owned Dell thrown in the mix. Since the black and white days…it has always been Macs. Over the past 2 weeks, I have set out to upgrade my technology to a mobile platform. This was a first for me. I have always used Apple towers due to their expansion capabilities and overall speed.

With the recent notebooks, speed is no longer an issue because technology has finally caught up! The 2.4 dual core and 9600GT graphics from NVIDIA make the MacBook Pro the perfect mobile blogging, video editing and photo editing machine on the planet. Couple that with the capabilities of a jailbroken iPhone 3G…and you are unstoppable in your quest for a work anywhere and anytime environment.

So What Do I Like About The iPhone 3G?

I have been on the search for my perfect smartphone for some time now.

I started off with the 1st generation Blackjack from Samsung. For its time, it was a great phone and it had 3G (one of the first), but Windows Mobile is a pig. It really slowed the phone down and crippled the capabilities of the 3G network. Email was also done through a retrieval system instead of push.

From the Blackjack, I graduated to the Blackberry Curve. I was now in email heaven. With a simple setup…all of my personal and website emails were set up with the Blackberry push service, and I never had to hunt for another email again! Of course, this came at a price…the email was not html and the mobile browser was terrible. You could get around some of this with 3rd party apps, but it was still a pain. With the introduction of the 4.6 operating system from RIM, the Blackberry Curve was much better in the email arena but the mobile browsing capabilities were still subpar and it still wasn’t 3G compatible.

Then I arrived at the iPhone. Like any Mac addict, I was intrigued with the iPhone since its original launch. I wanted to wait until the iPhone was 3G capable until I took the plunge into what I would hope would be my perfect smartphone. Last week, I passed down the Blackberry Curve to my wife and started my iPhone 3G journey.

Right away…the touch screen keyboard and lack of 3rd party push email support took some getting used to, and so far…they are still my only complaints about the iPhone 3G. The keyboard gets easier with time, but I really miss the push email feature of the RIM Blackberry devices. Word on the street is that Apple will be supporting push email (for networks outside of Yahoo and MobileMe) in the near future.

The 3rd party application support and web browsing is where the iPhone leaps far ahead of its competition. You can get apps from iFart to Facebook that increase your productivity or amusement. This 3rd party app support is where the iPhone is going to keep itself ahead of the pack and make it the most sought after phone on the market.

So on the iPhone…so far so good. Give me push email and I’ll be set!

The MacBook Pro 2.4 ghz

The #1 selling point for Apple computers is how long they will last until you need to upgrade. Previous to this MacBook Pro, I was using a 2001 MDD dual 1 ghz tower that was maxed out with SATA drives, ATI 9800 video card (fastest that the machine could handle) and a host of other upgrades. This machine lasted me up until this point, and it still does the job (even with high res raw files from my Nikon D80) if I need it to.

My needs were different now and I needed not to be tied to my desk! I picked up the MacBook Pro, swapped all of my information and apps over and that is where I sit now.

Off the bat…this notebook is screaming fast. Everything is done quicker. As get more into my video and photography, I’ll be able to really tell where it stands, but until then…I am very happy with the speed this unit puts out. If I had only one complaint, it would be the glossy screen. It is bad for glare and reflections in the right conditions, but the new LED screen is crisp and clear.

So here I am…completely mobile and ready to take Mountain Biking by 198 and my other sites into the 50k+ subscriber mark. More on how I am going to accomplish that later…

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Macdude November 18, 2009 - 2:42 pm
nice :) i have the same MacBook Pro, and iPhone 3G. Best combination ever.
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