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Hey guys, how’s it going? And, uh, welcome to my bedroom has, because today we were talking about this sleep number, Ile bed that we have been using now for a little over a year now, be sure to stay tuned for the rest of this video, where I show you how you can save a significant amount of money off of one of these beds. You should never buy one just on a pure sale or retail, and I’ll tell you why. So let’s get started. I’m Rob set, and I enjoy reviewing tech that we encounter in our everyday lives. I also have a serious obsession with modifying everything to follow along as we take a look at tech

All right, guys. So we’ve been using a lot of different beds over the years. And one of the reasons for that is I have lower back pain issues from a lot of dumb decisions that I may know, mountain bikes over the course of my life. So what ends up happening is if I have a bad sleep or a bad mattress, the degenerative disc disease in my lower back will actually shoot nerve pain straight down my legs. And it makes for a really uncomfortable day the next day. So we’ve been trying out different options over time to see what would work the best. And this is what we’re using now and what we will be sticking with probably for the foreseeable future. With our memory foams, I wasn’t able to adjust it based off pain level. It was great for support when I was in pain, but sometimes it was too stiff and it would actually cause pain and the pillowtop sometimes would just be too soft and not provide support and kind of create the same situation.

Sleep Number iLE Smart Bed Review

So what we ended up doing was looking at the sleep number bed, because I’d be able to adjust my side depending on how I needed to sleep that night while my wife would be able to keep her super soft plush feel like she always likes to have. So let’s talk about the buying process and the bed and what I think about it, and then go through the entire ordeal and how you can save a lot of money. I want first, when you go to buy a sleep number bed, it is a very scripted process on the sales end. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m pretty sure they set these up as franchises trading the teams and then have them work off of a very specific set of sales guidelines. So you are kind of walked through the entire place and given a very specific sales process.

Like I said, not really a bad thing, but if it feels a little bit pushed and fake, that would be why just know that going in. Once you buy the bed, they do have texts that come install the bed for you at the house. This is a good thing for people that are not so technically inclined because they make sure that everything from the smartphone app to the remote and everything else is set up correctly and that you can use it and that your accounts are set up with sleep number before they leave. So if you’re worried about having to get all this set up, that’s really all taken care of you during the delivery process. So this is the I L E version of the bed. It’s in their I series line, there’s a C series or several different series. What this one gives you is a little bit more of a comfort layer.

So there is more of a traditional bed feel. It also gives you a material over the top of the bed. That’s supposed to help dissipate heat. If you’re one of those sleepers, like I am, who turns into an oven, as soon as my eyes closed, my wife makes fun of me all the time. It, so that material does help dissipate some of that heat that you would not get on their sea level beds or their base level bits. We also opted for the adjustable base with this bed. And that was crucial in making sure I was comfortable. Not only is the adjustable base good for if you’re one of those people like to watch TV in bed, or if you’re a snorer and your wife just wants to pop your head up for a second so that you quit snoring in her ear, but it’s been great for me to be able to actually raise my feet as well.

So this is the flex to the feet raised and the head res. So if I’m having lower back pain or leg pain, I can actually raise my feet and have that blood flow and comfort level higher so I can sleep better. That was one of the other driving factors of getting a new bed as we wanted that adjustable base. And it has worked out great. Now this bed is basically what you would call a glorified air mattress. That’s how you can adjust the levels of the softness on each side of the bed. There’s a pump that actually pumps air in and lets air out. So one thing to keep in mind with that is the pumps not incredibly quiet. And here I’ll show you in just a second. What that actually sounds like. So if you’re a light sleeper, you are going to want to turn off that automatic feature so that the pump doesn’t come on in the middle of the night, because it will wake you up. It has done it to me in the past.

Another thing to keep in mind with this bed is it is two different bladder so that you can have one side soft, one side heart. If you wanted to. Now, when you have a varying Delta between two sides, it does make the very center feel like it could be sinking. So if you’re on the harder side and you go to the softer side, it does feel like you kind of roll into it. So it kind of segregates each side to itself. If you want that sinking feeling to go away, you have to have both sides set on the exact same setting so that it’s even all the way across. So what this adjustable base also comes with is a light that’s underneath though. I love lighting up everything, but I thought it was going to be kind of a gimmick. When I did find is actually incredibly useful.

If I have to get up to use the restroom or check on something in the house in the middle of the night, I don’t have to go grab my phone for a flashlight. As I get up and walk out of the room, it just lights up and it stays on for a little bit until I get back to bed. Now it also is dim enough and doesn’t hit anyone’s eyes. So it doesn’t wake up the other person in the bed as well. It’s really nice when I have to navigate three boxers in this room, I want to make sure I’m not tripping over something. As I get out to go check on whatever I need to. So it ended up actually being a really nice feature that I thought was going to be a little bit gimmicky. So, as I mentioned before, this bed does, does come with a smartphone app where you can adjust everything that you want to with the bed, whether it be the base, this softness scheduling, any of that kind of stuff.

It also comes with what they call sleep IQ technology, which actually measures your heart rate and how much you move during the night to give you a sleep IQ score, telling you how well you slept that night. It then also tracks it. So you could see your trends. For me personally, I found this to be wildly inaccurate. I can remember several nights where I’m just staring at the ceiling for two hours and it’s like, Hey, you got a great night’s sleep. So just keep that in mind. I don’t really know how accurate that could ever be, unless you’re really moving a lot or you get up out of the bed several times. So I find it to be more of a gimmicky feature that I don’t put a lot of weight in on how well I slept that night, but I get with this whole smart trend of everything these days, they had to have some feature that gave you a tracking ability to see if you’re improving or not, but keep in mind, it can be pretty inaccurate.

The bed also comes with a remote that can do all the controls and everything as well. I find the menu system and this to be kind of clunky. It’s so much easier to just grab your smartphone and do a couple of touches and you’re done it. It does sit by the bed. We just find that we don’t use it all that often. So we did end up getting the sheets and the pillows from sleep number as well. We were due for new pillows anyway. So it was just nice to kind of just bundle it all together. One thing to keep in mind with the pillows though, is that they have a very slick, outer surface to them, which makes it so they don’t really like pillowcases. If you’re a person like me, that’s moves a lot during the night, it can get kind of annoying because your pillowcases just kind of want to shift right off the pillow all the time.

If you have open pillow cases. So just keep that in mind when you’re purchasing these pillows too, the fitted sheet has actually an elastic strap on it. That’ll go around the bottom of the adjustable part of the bed. I found this as crucial with these adjustable basis. If you use this a traditional style fitted sheet, it has a tendency to really want to pop off if you are adjusting the base at all. So when I had to adjust for my feet or just my head up at all, it really didn’t want to stay put. And that elastic band, that the sleep number version has actually keeps it on there. It makes it so it doesn’t pop off the mattress. So I found that if you’re going to be using the adjustable base, like we are, it is crucial to get a fitted sheet that actually has that extra band that goes around the base.

If you don’t want to be frustrated in the middle of the night with a sheet popped off the bed. So before we get into my overall thoughts and conclusions on this bed, let’s talk about buying one of these specifically. Now this is the I L E bed and what that led stands for. I think it’s just limited edition when it really is, is a model that they have the leaked discount on holiday weekends. So this bed that says, you know, thousand dollars on the website, right now, we got four $2,500 on what I believe was a Memorial day sale. So the trick with these beds is you get the special edition that is in whichever lineup you want, but only on holiday weekends, because that’s when you get the severe discount. So if you were to compare this to say like the eight bed, which is in the same series and it’s actually on an Easter sale, right?

Yeah. You know, this whole setup is still $500 less than the [inaudible] bed is right now on sale. So while it is still expensive, when you’re doing the adjustable base and one of these beds, we paid a little over $4,300, but the [inaudible] version right now is over $4,800 while it’s on sale. So really the trick with these beds, if you want to buy one is don’t do it on some little sale and never buy it. Retail, wait till there’s Memorial day, 4th of July week again, sales, where they take these special additions and heavily discounted. That is really the trick to it. You get all the features you want for a lot less money. So for, we paid less for this bed than the top of the line C level bed that doesn’t come with the material that dissipates heat. And it also comes with an inch, less of a comfort foam level.

So just to put that in perspective that bed’s on sale right now, and a more expensive than the next level up with most of the features that you would want. All right, guys. So what are my overall thoughts on the bed? One it’s really improved our quality of life. Being able to adjust each side independently, my wife gets to keep her super soft and I can adjust mine depending on my pain level. At the time it’s really increased my overall quality of sleep, which was really struggling with the amount of issues I’ve had with my back and leg. So the build quality overall is really good. The service level has been great. There are a little quirks here and there, like the pillows being too slick, like the pump being too loud, but overall, once you get it tweaked to your settings, it’s been a really great bed and I’m able to sleep a lot better than I was on my memory foam or your traditional pillow top beds because of the adjustability of it. So guys, now I want to hear from you. Do you have any questions, concerns, comments on the sleep number bed you have any experiences with it yourself. I want to hear about it down in the comments section below, and please consider liking and subscribing to my channel for more smart home tech reviews in the future. And until then onto the next one. See you guys.

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