It All Started With A Plus Sign

My wife woke me up at 6 o’clock in the this morning (December 21, 2010) with a very specific question…”Can you come take a look at this?”

At this point in time, we had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. It had been a series of ups and downs that I really wasn’t expecting when we first started to try to have children. Through the surgery, my cancer scare and the realization that a “natural” pregnancy was not in our future, we had already gone through all of the initial steps of jumping into the IVF process. It wasn’t our ideal way of starting a family, but you do what you have to.

So here we were, days away from writing a HUGE check to the fertility research lab when something just didn’t seem right. Since we were really eager to get things started, I just told Jenn…”take a pregnancy test because we need to know if something is up so we can start this process!” Sure enough…I walked into the bathroom struggling to get my eyes to focus with dry contacts and there it was…a plus sign on the at home pregnancy test. Jenn looked at me and said…”are you seeing what I am seeing?”

I responded, “Yep…you need to go in for a blood test today.”

After multiple “is this really happening” conversations throughout the morning, Jenn left for work and I was left in the house with my dogs and my thoughts. What do you think after you just saw the impossible happen? Based off of my numbers alone, due to a medical issue we should only have less than a 20% chance over the course of two years of this happening. I had completely prepared myself for the IVF process and supporting my wife through a really difficult time as we struggled to start a family and now you tell me a miracle could have just taken place?!

I sat in my office and waited for Jenn to call so we could head to the doctor. Needless to say…no work was getting done so I just sat and listened to music trying to collect my thoughts and not get too excited. I started researching pregnancy symptoms and the probability of false positives out of pregnancy tests. Luckily, it seems that false positives are a really rare thing so my anticipation of the days to come started building.

Jenn got an appointment and I met her up at the OB as fast as I could. After explaining the situation, the front desk girls started getting excited about the story of IVF patients getting pregnant right before the big process and we headed back to pull some blood.

The test was done and now was the hard part…waiting for the results. We will get them the next morning…

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