My Day at SGMP – New Cadillac CTS-V 6MT Record

Ever since we laid down that massive dyno number, there had been a number of people (myself included) wondering how the car would perform on the track. To our knowledge there hadn’t been a stock block, stock blower CTS-V that had shown a number that high on a dyno before, so there was some speculation and some doubt from some people about how powerful the car really was. The only way to really tell was to get it down a 1/4 mile track and see what the trap speed was. That would tell the whole story. While the car was finished in January…timing, weather and everything else under the sun was playing against us until we were finally able to make it to South Georgia Motorsports Park last week for some testing on the car.

So I left Alpharetta, GA (about 30 minutes just north of Atlanta) at 4am to make it down to SGMP ready for the morning. Yes…in my typical style…I drove the car down and didn’t trailer it. The drive down was nice, uneventful and a little over 3 hours long. When we got down there it was still foggy but it was looking to be a pretty awesome day. There would be only 3 cars running in our lane as we had rented out that side just to cut some passes.

Prep work got started on the track and we started to prep the cars for some runs. Weld was out of stock on my wheels so a friend of mine Bart was kind enough to let me trash his Mickey Thompson ET Street II’s on 17″ Welds for the day. Thanks man!!! We got ready for the day and started prepping the cars. From the start we knew we were going to be dealing with junk air. It’s spring in GA so no near seal level DA for us. It hovered around 2,100 – 2,400 all day long.

For those of you that don’t know, SGMP is known for incredible track prep. There were several times we had to remember not to walk on the track because you would fall or lose a shoe. Those guys are on point with their prep and that is why we rented this track over 2 closer ones. We wanted the tires to hook.

And hook they did…

SGMP: First Pass of the Day

The goal was to get some data logging on the car right away so the plan was to run a boost only pass right out of the gate. I rolled up to the line, rev it to about 3,500 (we weren’t even thinking about using the 2-step yet), rolled out of the clutch and BAM! The car free revved and rolled about 20 feet forward with a broken drivers side 1/2 shaft. Well that was a lot of time, money and effort all for nothing. It looked like my day was over before it even started. After about 20 minutes of talking, Brian piped in and said that he had a spare 1/2 shaft we could use! Awesome! Just one problem…it is back at the shop in Cumming, GA 3-1/2 hours away. Before I could even look at Ron and say “don’t worry about it” he was already on the phone with the shop and David was loading his truck with the parts to drive down. That is just pure insanity and the best service to a customer that I have ever personally experienced.

While we waited, they ran the other cars for the day and we watched a pro mod bike with a billet head, quad carbs and a 300 shot run in the lane next to us. That guy had some balls. It was crazy. About 3pm a white truck rolled around the corner and it was David with the axle. Right away, Jey jumped on taking everything off and fixing my car right on the side of the track. In about 1.5 hours after getting it fixed and eating something, we were ready to get my car down the track. The original plan of doing a boost only pass and start working everything in slowly was out the window. Now we were on the clock. I had 150 jets in the car for hitting it on the street (200’s were used on the dyno pulls) so we got the car dialed in and then threw the big jets in.

10.095 sec at 150.48mph!!! And that is at 2,138 foot DA!!!

Record Setting Pass

That is the fastest published ET for a 6MT CTS-V and fastest overall trap speed for a stock bottom end CTS-V!! It also happens to be the second fastest trap speed for any CTS-V that we can find!

We were obviously taking it easy off the line as DSS axles are going to be required to keep it together and get the 60′ down but 150 is hauling the mail for sure. In the 60′ alone we have several tenths to knock off and in better air with some tweaking to the car it has the ability to be in the mid 150’s.

Some Small Issues With The Car

Ironically enough, the car actually has a lot more in it. We were having a huge issue with the car pulling a ton of timing up top. I only have a single nozzle Alky meth setup and no reservoir tank for the HX system. That’s right…I am still using that little, stock pill looking thing. IAT’s were climbing to 190 degrees on the end of the pull so we had a lot of power left on the table if I could get the temps under control. That will be taken care of shortly and something I should have done awhile ago. We you combine that with the 60′ times, you can see where the times on the car are heading.

After we packed everything up, I threw back on my street tires and drove my 80k+ mile daily driver back home. My mind is seriously blown by the quality of a car that Vengeance Racing has built and tuned for me. Mike’s tune is spot on, Jey and his team in the shop built an awesome car that has zero issues and Ron has put together a team that you literally just want to hang out with all of the time. I get to commute every day in a 150 trap monster that I also drive to and from the track on a stock bottom end! That is just nuts. The service and professionalism of everyone at Vengeance has made the experience more enjoyable than I have ever had building a car. Everyone at the shop is truly considered family and I could not be any happier as a customer or a friend with what they have been able to do with my car. It has been insanely fun every step of the way.

And for those that were wondering…yes…the Recaro baby seat was still in the car for every pass. My car is full weight, completely covered in Dynamat and a full audio system with the sub still in the trunk. With a 4,250 published curb weight, I would estimate the race weight was 4,400 pounds or higher.

Now it is time to get the car ready for the 1/2 mile with a 3.23 gear and a couple of other things. It is going to be an awesome year.

Ron’s C7 Z06

Ron’s Z06 had a great day considering that all he was doing was blowing through the clutch. The stock twin disc was getting destroyed thanks to the power the car was putting down to the 15’s and the track prep. His triple disc shipped while we were at the track so it will be awesome to see this car take the fastest C7 Z06 ET soon.

Brian’s Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

Brian’s car was doing really well at the track before a little mishap. It was well on it’s way to taking back the stock bottom end ET record and going deeper into the low 9’s. It will be back really soon to reclaim the title.

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