It’s Amazing How Your Mindset Changes Instantly

There were certain changes that happen around the house as soon as I found out my wife was pregnant. I was preparing for doctors visits, looking around the house for what we had to change in preparation and even started getting some of those chores done that had been on the to do list for years. All of the sudden, you have a purpose behind everything as you know the 9 1/2 months are going to go by pretty quickly. Everything is changing and changing quickly.

I Will Protect What Is Mine

What I really wasn’t prepared for was how quickly my mindset changed about my wife. Of course I started looking at her like a future mother and enjoyed the fact that she was now carrying my kid, but the protection angle turned on almost instantly.

Last night, over 6″ of snow dumped on Atlanta and we have a city that is not prepared for this kind of weather. We woke up checking the weather and emailing her boss to make sure her office was closed, but almost instantly after my eyes opened for the first time…I knew I wasn’t going to let her drive to work. In the past, if she really had to go to the office I probably would have given her the “be careful and call me when you get there” speech and sent her on her way, but this time around it was different. She was not leaving our house and I would talk to her boss about it if I had to.

When I told her the news, she almost stepped back for a second. “What do you mean?”

“You are not going in to work today. I don’t feel comfortable with you two (it is really small at this point but still counts!) out there. You are staying home no matter what.”

“Ok…let me make sure everyone that works under me is ok.”

Luckily, the roads and weather were so bad that anyone that couldn’t walk to work didn’t end up going in, but my stance on the matter was a new one for sure. Technically, I should be just as worried about my wife driving in those conditions regardless if she was pregnant or not, but now I really felt the need to put my foot down. It was a crazy realization and I guess that is just something that kicks in as future fathers realize the consequences of dangerous actions.

So what did we do instead? We watched movies, drank hot chocolate and took the dogs for a walk in the snow. It was a great, safe day in a winter wonderland that only comes around once in a blue moon for Atlanta. Judging by the look of the roads right now, I have a feeling we are having the same conversation tomorrow morning as well.

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