A New Perspective On Life – Top Gear U2 Spy Plane Video

First, if you have never heard of Top Gear before…you need to check them out. These guys have the coolest job on the planet as they get to test the fastest, most exclusive cars on the market while getting to go through some wacky scenarios. They really bring a lot of humor and interesting situations to an industry that is normally methodical and bland. If you are not into the latest and greatest in automobile transportation, you will be after watching the crew at Top Gear. Their approach to car reviewing is unique and addicting.

Every now and then, Top Gear gets to cover something truly amazing. Whether it is storming the beaches of Normandy with a Ford Fiesta or this video below, they get to really do some unique things on the show. This video below is footage from 70,000 feet in the air from a U2 Spy Plane. James May gets to take a trip that is life changing as he flies to the top of our Earth’s atmosphere and gets to see a sight that is normally reserved for astronauts. Rather than pollute this post with more words…I will leave you to watch a life changing experience. Pay close attention to what James May says as he leaves the plane walking down the steps. It really gives you a new perspective on our place in this world as we continue on in our daily lives. I thought this might be a fantastic way to start off your week.

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