The Profound Power Of Less Is More

Often in life and in business, we get stuck on the idea that more is better. In our attempt to accumulate the most stuff, write the longest article, publish the most posts, make the most money…we often forget the power of less is more. To illustrate this…let’s take a look at some two word phrases that carry a huge amount of power without having to add-on meaningless BS…

I do.

F*ck You.

We’re pregnant.

I’m sorry.

You first.

Trust me.

Hell, no.

Yes, m’am.

Why me?

You’re welcome.

Shut up.

It’s a constant struggle. Everything in us wants more but the power comes from less with extreme relevance and direction. When you really want to get your point across…you use less. When you really want try to impress someone you shouldn’t be…you use more.

Creating compelling content is more than just the amount of words in your article. It is about how you shape those words to keep attention and create emotion that connects with readers. If you are always worried about “is this article long enough”, you are going after the wrong goal.

Attack your blogging with passion…say what you need to say…but don’t water it down with bullshit it doesn’t need…

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Black Seo Guy March 11, 2011 - 2:32 pm
People should learn how to mange their time by doing less but getting the most out of them..I call it hitting a home runs versus hitting singles.. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"
Codrut Turcanu March 13, 2011 - 10:19 am
You're right, otherwise some people might miss the point in this concept, and strive to work less, and less, without aiming for performance and high-quality delivery.
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