I post a lot of pictures on Facebook of my kid…A LOT. The funny part is I always try to catch him doing something interesting. Whether that is smiling, frowning or just being silly, the pictures are of a split second in time when he is exposing some emotion he is feeling at the time.

Now, for someone just looking at the pictures, they might think that he is always this way! 1 click and post and you are good to go! Yeah…not so much. I put together the sequence above to show what goes into getting that moment. Sometimes it takes 30 exposures or more to get that shot I am looking for. Most of the time he is doing it until I pull the camera up. Then I get the “what the hell is that look” and I have to start from zero again.

Either way, it is still fun to play with the little guy to get the shot I am looking for. It is by far the most fun I have had with a camera.

Here are some more shots…