For new bloggers, affiliate linking can be a black art. Where to I put my affiliate links? How can I make sure I am getting credit from my sales? What happens when an affiliate program goes away and I am left with all of these useless links on my blog? Surprisingly, new bloggers are not alone. These are the same questions experienced bloggers ask in our quest to make more money online with our blogging. It is no secret that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate income online, but how can we make our lives easier and more efficient? How can we prevent having to go through each one of our hundreds…if not thousands…of  articles just to make sure our affiliate links are working and they are correct?

Review: MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin

The MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin is a WordPress plugin for bloggers that literally puts your affiliate linking on autopilot. With this easy to use plugin, you are given a complete administration panel that makes affiliate marketing easy for the beginner and advanced enough for hardcore users. Many of the blogs you visit on a daily basis are utilizing the Ninja Affiliate plugin for WordPress…and you don’t even know it. So…is the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin right for you? Let’s take a look and find out…

What does the Ninja Affiliate Plugin do?

The MBP Ninja Affiliate plugin is a WordPress script with a graphical administration panel that allows you to setup affiliate links quickly and easily. When you are given an affiliate link through various affiliate programs on the web, you are left with a long string of weird, cheap looking characters that appear to have no rhyme or reason. The Ninja Affiliate plugin takes that complicated affiliate link, makes it look like something much cleaner and more professional and then links that new link to keyword strings that you define throughout your entire blog!

So what does this really mean?

Your affiliate linking in your blog is now completely handled for you in this easy to use WordPress plugin. Even better, it is no longer your job to scour all of your articles and pages to link up keywords to increase click throughs. This plugin takes hours worth of work per link and turns it into a 5 minute job. On top of that, you can control exactly how your links look on the page and track the CTR’s through the Ninja Affiliate admin with their built in stat tracking.

MBP takes everything you would ever need in affiliate linking and throws it all into one easy plugin.

How easy it is to install?

Have you ever installed a plugin in WordPress and activated it before? That is all it takes with the Ninja Affiliate plugin as well. Once you have the plugin activated, all you have to do is start setting up your affiliate links through the control panel and setup your basic settings. How many links do you want to show per page? What color do you want your links to be? Do you want to show links on just articles or pages and articles? All of this is easily configurable through the simple admin panel.

What else can I use the Ninja Affiliate plugin for?

Branding is everything in blogging and for that reason…I actually use the Affiliate Ninja plugin for more than just affiliate links. If you notice on this blog…whenever you mouse over my Facebook profile…Twitter account or any other externally linked profile…it looks something like this “” instead of “”. What does this allow me to do? It keeps my branding centered around my domain name and it allows me to track clickthrough rates through the plugin!

Are there any limitations?

There is really only one limitation to this plugin that I have been told is going to be released in a future version. As of this point in time, you can not exclude your title tags (h1, h2, h3) from getting linked with the plugin. I like to style my articles and keep those tags unlinked and there is no way to exclude the plugin from doing that.

Who Is The Ninja Affiliate Plugin For?

Honestly…anyone who wants to be successful with blogging. Recently, I had an affiliate program through an online cycling retailer that mysteriously just went away one day. They decided to drop a affiliate program completely out of the blue and left all of the affiliates high and dry with inactive links on their blogs. Luckily for me…all it took was going into my Ninja Affiliate admin panel and changing the link destinations without having to actually go through each article. For those bloggers that did not have this plugin…they had to spend hours digging through articles to switch out each of these links. Now…what happens to them if we have to go through that process again? Time is money and this plugin has paid for itself more time than I can count. If you want to make money blogging and keep your branding consistent, this plugin is a must have.

There are not many blog products that I personally use (on all of my blogs) and stand behind 100%…but this is one of them.

Good Ninja Affiliate Plugin

  • Easy setup for blogging beginners
  • Advanced tracking and settings to integrate into your blog
  • Keeps branding straight

Bad Ninja Affiliate Plugin

  • Can’t exclude title tags for linking
  • Price might put off beginning bloggers

Pick up your own copy of the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin by Clicking Here